Lets turn your interest into a community!

Starting a club with CSI will help bring like-minded students together over a shared passion!

In order to become a fully sanctioned club, you must read the Clubs Manual and fill out the Clubs application form which is submitted to CSI’s Leadership Department. You will then be contacted via the email address you provide to set up a meeting to complete the process.

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  • CSI Clubs Policy

    The CSI Clubs Policy was implemented to ensure that all clubs within the Conestoga College community have access to a document that clearly outlines the requirements for becoming a club. Included is a list of policies that all clubs must follow in order to become sanctioned.

    Operating Policies

    1. Clubs and associations can be sanctioned year-round. Clubs will have the opportunity for renewal in April which would be effective in May of the same year.
    2. Clubs and associations shall not require its members to become involved in any activity incompatible with scholastic attainment or acceptable general development.
    3. Club and association resources must be utilized in a manner that ensures all funded activities are prudent, ethical and legal.
    4. No student or group of students will be permitted to use mental, verbal or physical violence against another student or in any way jeopardize the health, morals, scholastic standing, or liberties of another student or college personnel.
    5. If any club executive or club member behaves in any manner that negatively impacts their peers or other group members they will lose their privilege to be a CSI club member.
    6. All club and association events must be open to all Conestoga College students.
    7. Resources will exclusively fund Conestoga students.
    8. Clubs and associations will not fund activities that are course credit requirements for students.
    9. Clubs and associations will not have any type of off-campus banking system, including but not limited to: bank, personal banking system, a safe, etc. All funds will be circulated within the Conestoga Students Inc. banking system. There are no exceptions.
    10. No club or association can sign a contract of any kind. Any contracts must be reviewed and approved by CSI’s Leadership Department.
    11. The CSI Students Events Policy supersedes the CSI Clubs Policy and will be the governing document for all CSI Clubs events.
    12. Club Executives are responsible for positively representing CSI at all times, including; social media, on and off campus events, and daily interactions with peers, staff, and the public.

    Club Approval

    All members and executives of campus clubs and associations must be students at Conestoga College of Applied Arts and Technology at any of its satellite campuses as well as the Doon campus.

    • All clubs and associations must have a membership of at least seven (7) students.
    • All clubs and associations must submit proper documentation to the Student Engagement Coordinator by the specified deadline. The documentation should include:
      • Statement of purpose
      • Proposed budget for the academic year
      • A list of elected officers
      • Proposed meeting schedule for the academic year.
    • All returning clubs must submit updated membership lists and information each year.

    Membership Policy

    • All CSI Fee paying students of Conestoga College are eligible for club membership.
    • Mandatory membership fees are not permitted.
    • The membership of any club or association will be no fewer than seven (7).
    • Each student can only be an Executive (ie. President, Vice President, Treasurer) for one club; students can be a regular member for any club.
  • Funding

    As a sanctioned CSI club, you have access to two types of funds:

    • Budgeted funds: an allowance funded by CSI based on the membership size of your club
    • club generated funds: Funds that are raised through club events, sponsorship, donation, etc.


    Clubs are not permitted to have money at any off-campus financial institution. This is for risk management and safety purposes. Keeping club funds and not depositing the money is grounds for club probation and possibly de-ratification.
    All funds raised (club generated funds) must be deposited to CSI. The money will be added to your operating funds. Unspent club generated funds will rollover but must be spent during the following year.


    Clubs will receive funding on a reimbursement basis.
    You must submit all receipts along with the Clubs Expense Form, outlining the purpose of the expense.

    Fundraising/Donation/Sponsorship Procedure

    A club can seek sponsorship for specific club activities and events. Approval from CSI must be obtained before seeking sponsorship. To do so an email can be sent to the CSI Leadership Department outlining the amount of sponsorship requested and from where. No other external funds can be collected unless explicitly approved by CSI’s Leadership Department.

  • Booking Spaces


    To book a classroom for your club meetings, please email the Student Engagement Coordinator five (5) days prior to the day you require a room. Please include the following information in the e-mail:

    • Name
    • Club name
    • Number of people attending meeting
    • Date needed
    • Time needed
    • Do you need the room the same time/day for the entire semester? Yes / No

    Events Policy

    1. CSI encourages clubs to host events open to all fee paying CSI students.
    2. The club must fill out and submit a Club Event Plan Form to CSI’s Leadership Department. The club will be contacted via email regarding the event. CSI reserves the right to approve or deny a Club Event Planning Form at any time.
    3. The Planning Form must be completed and submitted in to CSI’s Leadership Department a minimum of 20 business days before the proposed event date.
  • Advertising


    • Advertising on the CSI website and social media is available to all clubs; please contact CSI’s Leadership Department for more information.
    • Clubs can promote their events and maintain an accurate list of their members through the Co-Curricular Record (CCR). Login to myConestoga.ca with your network ID.

    Communications Request Form

    • Clubs can request to have their information posted through CSI social media outlets.
    • Clubs can also submit one (1) design request per semester. You must allow 15 business days.
    • CSI internal communications requests supersede clubs communications requests; the Student Engagement Coordinator can deny requests at any time.
  • Dos an Don'ts

    The below list outlines general rules and guidelines of dos and don’ts do if you create a CSI club. For more information please read the Clubs Manual thoroughly, or contact CSI’s Leadership Department.


    Please regularly do all of the following to successfully operate your club.

    • Run regular meetings
    • Have all events accessible to all Conestoga College students
    • Frequently update club membership lists and keep attendance
    • Keep track of finances and spend your budget money
    • Use Chartwells Catering for on campus events
    • Attend all mandatory presidents meetings
    • Reply to correspondences within 1-2 business days
    • Run at least one event per semester
    • Refer to your president’s manual and the website for most questions
    • Apply for special event funding to facilitate new ideas
    • Attend training sessions and make use of all resources available


    Please DO NOT DO any of the following as they are strictly prohibited.

    • Collect club donations and keep them off campus
    • Directly or indirectly spend resources on alcohol or alcohol related events
    • Hold more than one club executive position
    • Discriminate against any student. All students are welcome in all clubs
    • Have mandatory membership fees
    • Treat your clubs locker, any CSI or any Conestoga space poorly
    • Post any posters around campus without approval from facilities
    • Allow non-Conestoga Students to join your club
    • Hold raffles, 50/50 draws, or any events that involve gambling
    • Solicit donations as mandatory
    • Spend more money than your club has


CSI’s Leadership Department will answer any question you may have regarding Clubs.