We are in the business of the student experience

Conestoga Students Incorporated (or CSI for short) is your official student association at Conestoga College. We represent over 14,000 full-time and 30,000 part-time students across all Conestoga College campuses. CSI is committed to enhancing student satisfaction through our great services and active college and community awareness.

Meet CSI’s Board of Directors

The role of the CSI Board of Directors is to communicate and create relationships with our members and advocate on behalf of all Conestoga students. You will see board members at CSI events all year long who are eager to connect with as many students as possible. Keeping your best interests at heart is in their best interest because they are students too. If you have any comments or concerns about your student experience, your board members are here to help you out in any way they can.

View the entire Board

CSI sits on a number of college committees. Through these committees we are able to bring student concerns, ideas and feedback to the table, allowing all departments and college executives to be aware of the student’s needs. We also work with both local and provincial organizations to ensure our students’ voices are being heard out in the local community.

Committees CSI Sits On: