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Conestoga Students Inc. (CSI) is the official student association since 1973 and represents the interests of over 19,000 CSI fee-paying students across all Conestoga College campuses.

All Conestoga students are members
of the CSI community

All Conestoga students have access to CSI’s support services and have the choice to access CSI’s additional services to upgrade their student experience.
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Meet your student Board of Directors

The role of the CSI Board of Directors is to communicate and create relationships with our members and advocate on behalf of all Conestoga students.

Keeping your best interests at heart is in their best interest because they are students too.

If you have any comments or concerns about your student experience, your board members are here to help you out in any way they can.
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Background on the Student Choice Initiative

In January 2019, the Ontario Government announced the Student Choice Initiative, the provincial mandate to give students an opt-out option for certain ancillary fees. This mandate threatens the very existence of organizations such as ours, leading to the elimination of the many important services—academic and non-academic—that we provide to students, student-athletes and graduates.

The student voice is not a choice

Students will now have an opt-out option on their fees page from CSI services focused on student representation and the culture of the student experience. In many—most—cases, these are services that the administrations of Colleges do not and cannot provide on their own which is why we have stepped in to fill that void.

Conestoga Students Inc. Fees:

Support Service Fees

CSI provides all full-time students with support services: academic support, leadership and career development and health and wellness. These services foster an environment for student success.

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Support Services

Additional Service Fees

CSI Event Fee $40.00
CSI Advocacy Fee $12.50
CSI Student Clubs Fee $3.50
CSI provides additional services, events and programming to all full-time students if selected. Students have an opportunity to confirm these service fees on the invoice tab on the Student Portal, or by purchasing them through CSI’s online store, coming soon!

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Additional services

Insurance Plan Fees

Sept 1-
Aug 31:
Jan 1-
Aug 31:
May 1-
Aug 31:
Conestoga International Health Insurance Plan (CIHIP) This plan and the associated fee only applies to international students. $500.00 $335.00 $156.00
CSI Extended Health and Dental Plan $295.00 $197.65 $97.35
Legal Protection Coverage * $28.00 $18.67 $18.67
CSI provides Domestic and International full-time students with a variety of insurance plans that ensure students have coverage with regards to health, dental, vision, travel and legal.
Insurance plans provide coverage from the start of your academic year until August 31. If you have alternative coverage, you may be able to opt-out of the insurance plans to get your money back.

* There is no barrier to opting-out of the Legal protection plan within the change of coverage period.

Frequently asked questions

As of September 2019 CSI’s fee structure has changed. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding CSI services, how to access them, and the fees that fund them.

Fee Information

How does CSI charge me fees?

You are charged all ancillary fees (including CSI fees) through the college at the time you pay for tuition. You can choose to opt-out of CSI additional service fees at that time.

What happens if I don’t pay CSI additional service fees now and change my mind later?

You can voluntarily pay a membership upgrade fee to access additional services you previously chose not to pay. You can do this through CSI’s online store, coming soon. The fee value is locked in with no opportunity to pro-rate the fee later in your term.

What are the benefits of paying CSI’s additional service fees along with my tuition?
  1. You will have access to the upgraded service(s).
  2. You maximize your value of these services by having access from day one.
  3. You minimize the potential of missing out on something with the need to upgrade later in your term.
  4. Additional service fees are not pro-rated. If you did choose to opt-out of additional service fees, but decided to purchase access to these services further into the semester, you will be charged the full price.
How do I get a refund if I was charged additional service fees with my tuition that I did not intend to pay?

You are only eligible to receive your money back BEFORE you confirm your invoice (see section below). The college will only issue a refund if you are in your final semester of your studies. Otherwise, you will receive a CREDIT on your next tuition invoice if you follow the steps listed at the link below.
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Can I opt out of additional service fees later in my term?

No. Once you have confirmed your invoice (see section below) additional service fees that you paid along with your tuition are final and are not eligible for a refund.

What if I want to pay the fees for one semester but not another?

You can do this! Prior to each semester’s fee deadline you will have the opportunity to determine if you would like access to additional services by paying the fees.

Can I attend a CSI event throughout the year if I choose to not pay the CSI events fee?

You can still attend CSI events while ticket quantities last; however, you miss out on: early access ticket sales, discounted ticket prices, and various event perks/enhancements.

Membership and services:

If I opt-out of additional service fees, am I still a member of the CSI community?

Yes. If you are in a full-time academic program at Conestoga College then you are a member of the CSI community and must pay CSI’s support service fees. You have the choice to pay CSI’s additional service fees to access perks.

How do I know if I’ve been charged additional service fees?

Check your college tuition invoice through your Student Portal to see what services you have paid for. To learn how to access your college invoice, see the section below.
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We are in the development of online resources through our CSI website and mobile app to make it easier to see what you have access to. We invite you to access CSI’s website and mobile app later this summer for further details.

What does paying additional service fees get me?

Learn more about services and perks on the Upgrade Your Student Experience page.
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How to access and confirm your
Conestoga College invoice

You must confirm your invoice in order to access your timetable.

CSI service fees are paid through Conestoga College at the time you pay your tuition. You have the option to pay certain CSI fees at this point by following these steps:

  1. Go to Student Portal and follow the login instructions (you will need your seven-digit Conestoga Student I.D. Number)
  2. Select ‘Financial’ tab.
  3. Select ‘My Invoice’ and click on the ‘View Invoice’ for the appropriate session.
  4. At this point you can choose to Accept or Decline fees for CSI’s additional services.
  5. Complete the transaction by clicking the Confirm and Save or Cancel and Return to start over. Once saved, changes may not be made.

Note: You must click ‘Confirm and Save’ otherwise the invoice amounts will not be updated. Please allow up to 24 hours for processing.

To pay your fees:

In-person payments for program tuition fees and course registration are no longer accepted.
Fee payments must be made through your Student Portal or by using online banking.

  • Payments made on your portal by the due date are considered on time.
  • Payments made by web or online banking must be received by the college no later than the due date. Please allow 3-5 business days for online or bank transfers

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