*Applications are now closed for the Fall semester. We will resume applications for the Winter semester at the end of the year.

CSI encourages all students to sign up to join this program and become a Leadership Ambassador.

Students who take on this role participate in workshops and volunteer drives to support those in the college and local communities.

Leadership Ambassadors participate in monthly meetings, including workshops, to support personal development and growth as a leader. The volunteer drives provide students with an opportunity to lead and to help others, including food drives, random acts of kindness, and other volunteering ideas the group chooses to do.


Students who join the Leadership Ambassador Program can expect the following outcomes:

  • Develop and demonstrate effective communication skills
  • Collaborate as a team to create, facilitate, and execute volunteer initiatives for the college and local communities
  • Develop and demonstrate leadership traits such as self-confidence, agency, accountability, responsibility, and communication, related to personal and professional development
  • Experience and demonstrate understanding of how to work in groups and exchange ideas in a respectful matter
  • Develop and facilitate volunteer initiatives
  • Develop and experience a leadership role and its impact on themselves and the community
  • Support improvement of the Conestoga Community and make connections with other students



  • Some of the minimum expectations may be, but are not limited to:
  • Checking email correspondence daily
  • Monthly meetings
  • Maintaining communication with the Leadership department
  • Collaborating with a team of Leadership Ambassadors
  • Executing service leadership initiatives within the college and community


CSI recognizes that you are a student first and foremost and that you have responsibility and deadlines for your chosen program. The LAP is meant to enhance your student experience and provide you with a unique professional development and volunteer opportunity that will prepare you for your career beyond Conestoga College.

By signing up to become a Leadership Ambassador, your participation in the program will require a time commitment (7-10 hours per month) and accountability from you as a student leader.

You must attend the monthly meetings to participate in the volunteer opportunities.

*Applications are now closed for the Fall semester. We will resume applications for the Winter semester at the end of the year.