Meaningful Monday- Reuter

Join us for Meaningful Mondays a series happening once a month throughout the Winter semester. It’s a day of activities dedicated to YOU. From self-care, mindfulness, and anything to keep you happy and feeling your best.
This month we’re giving away plant babies! Come grab a beautiful succulents to celebrate the first day of Spring. Succulents are great plants for beginners and easy to care for. Fun fact: Succulents help you breathe! During the process of photosynthesis, plants release oxygen. Another benefit is they are beautiful to look at and can bring life to your space (literary).
Doon – Lower Atrium
Waterloo – CSI Service Hub
Cambridge – Atrium
Brantford – Student Lounge
DTK – Upper Student Lounge
Guelph – Cafeteria
Reuters – Cafeteria
The event will run until 1PM or until we’ve run out of stock – whichever comes first!