November Sales for Students!

It’s that time of year, Condors!

Did you know that the month of November is the time for deals, deals, and more deals? In order to prep for the holidays, you may be seeing advertisements for Black Friday sales, but these sales typically go on all week and then some! Today, for example, is Cyber Monday! If you’re bored between classes (or even in class, we won’t judge), be sure to check your favourite stores online for some amazing student deals. Winter coats, school supplies, you name it, it’s probably on sale! This is a great time for students to take advantage of these prices.

Here’s what you should keep an eye on:

Winter Coats

A good, insulated winter coat is essential for Canadian winter! Finding a good jacket at a reasonable price can be daunting, so it’s best practice (and best for your wallet) to buy one during these huge sales. If the Black Friday prices are still out of your budget, take a walk-through of your local Marshal or Winners, you can always find quality items at a discounted price!

Check out these Cyber Monday sales from The Bay!

Women’s Winter Coats

Men’s Winter Coats


Headphones are essential as a student, how else will you listen to your lo-fi playlists while studying? Wireless, wired, in-ear or over-ear, regardless of what style of headphone you prefer, it’s always best to make this purchase during a good sale! Be sure to shop around for the perfect pair for you. Be sure to check out Best Buy, Staples, and even Shopper’s Drug Mart for the best deal on headphones. Here’s a tip: always ask about price matching to get the most out of a sale!

Check out these headphone deals from Best Buy!


If you need a new backpack, a travel bag, or maybe even an updated purse, now’s the time to buy! Having a functional bag can make student life significantly easier, especially now that we’re all back on campus! Protect your belongings with affordable, functional, bags at a student-friendly price!

Here are some great deals from Amazon!