Meet Your February Student of the Month!

This award has been established to acknowledge students who inspire to create dialogue and foster a strong sense of community at Conestoga College and beyond, through participation in events, lectures, or other forms of community engagement.

CSI’s February Student of The Month is: 

Bismi Nazeer!



Congratulations to Bismi for winning this month’s student of the month award! We had a conversation with Bismi about all things Student of the Month, Conestoga College, and achievements she’s most proud of. Here’s what she had to say:

  1. What made you apply for Student of the Month?
    The title ‘Student of the Month’ has always sparked my curiosity. I applied for the Student of the Month because I believe it is an excellent opportunity for me to get to know my fellow Condors. I am a total extrovert; the people around me are my energy, and hence, I never pass up an opportunity to meet new people. I received numerous inquiries following the announcement of the Student of the Month. How to apply, and what was your community involvement? All of this broadens my circle of friends. Another reason for this application is that leaders “Walk the Talk”, I wanted to demonstrate my leadership and community involvement to inspire my fellow Condors.
  2. Why did you choose Conestoga College for your studies?
    After graduating from dental school in India, I realized my interest in administration and leadership and decided to enroll in the Healthcare Administration and Service Management program. My sister, who graduated from Conestoga, always speaks about her fellow classmates and how they are performing well in their careers. I believe our college provides a plethora of programs and outstanding career opportunities. Since starting my program, my professors have fascinated me with their excellent teaching quality and the ability to confide in them. Due to a previous bad experience with some of my College professors in India, my professors at Conestoga are truly a blessing. I would like to mention a professor who is not only my teacher but my mentor and inspiration, Professor Sherrice Lyon. I aspire it be like her.
  3. How do leadership and community involvement factor into your day-to-day?
    I work part-time in a long-term care home as a Personal Support Worker. As a result, I interact with the community daily. In addition, I am a member of a non-profit organization in India. I work with them online, and I have furthered my leadership ability through this experience. I enjoy taking responsibility and directing my followers towards our vision, whether that be academics or in the workplace, depending on the role I take on.
  4. Are there any specific achievements you’d like to acknowledge?
    I received many awards such as Student of the Year. It’s common to receive recognition in school, but it is a huge accomplishment when it happens to a girl with a psychogenic speech disorder. Many of those who know me are unaware that I have this disorder. I challenged myself and I have made it this far. My most recent award comes from a client who suffers from dementia. She remembers my name and often asks other staff members about me, and to me that is more than an honour.
  5. What is a goal you have once you are graduated?
    My parents always say to me, “If you’re willing to do anything and believe you can do it, you can do it”. Don’t waste time waiting for anyone; just get it done. That is my motivating quote. I want to spread this sense of assurance to everyone. I am from a state with a literacy rate of 99%. However, I, like many, still face unemployment and poverty. Education is an essential component that can be used to solve any problem, but what if education in itself is a problem? Our curriculum covers almost everything but it does not cover practical knowledge. Therefore, I established an online education centre to provide students with practical knowledge and other resources that traditional education institutions do not offer. My tagline is “Education for All’ and after I graduate, my goal is to expand my online education centre to Canada.