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Meet your October Student of the Month!

This award has been established to acknowledge students who inspire to create dialogue and foster a strong sense of community at Conestoga College and beyond, through participation in events, lectures, or other forms of community engagement.

CSI’s October Student of The Month is: 

Daniel Ajiroba!



“Whatever you set your mind on to achieve, with great hope and resilience, it is possible.”

Congratulations to Daniel for winning this month’s student of the month award! We had a conversation with Daniel about all things Student of the Month, Conestoga College, and achievements he’s most proud of. Here’s what he had to say:


  1. What made you apply for Student of the Month?
    When I saw the call for application, I thought of it as an opportunity to inspire other students and possibly, to connect with others. I have always found telling one’s story can be very helpful in encouraging many others to action.
  2. Why did you choose Conestoga College for your studies?
    Before I joined Conestoga College, I have worked in the environmental field for over 5 years. I saw the many connections between environment and human health. I thought of exploring career options in this area and this led me to find a very suitable program at Conestoga College. The courses offered in the Environmental Public Health program and her accreditation with the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors made the choice an easy one to make. This is in addition to the common knowledge that colleges do prepare students to be job ready on day one after graduation.
  3. How does leadership and community involvement factor into your day-to-day?
    In every space that I find myself, I see it as an opportunity to serve. I am also a fervent believer in horizontal leadership. That people can serve in whatever space they find themselves and do not need any title to lead. So, whether it is in my community or in the classroom, I look out for the chance to lead and inspire others to service.
  4. Are there any specific achievements you’d like to acknowledge?
    I have been quite fortunate to have been recognized both at the college and outside of it. Some of which include being invited by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth to England to receive a youth leadership medal. Other achievements include being selected by the World Economic Forum as a Global Shaper and invitations to the United Nations and World Bank to various high-level meetings. At the college, I have been a recipient of CSI Service Award, Neil Aitchison Scholarship Award and TD Financial Group Endowed Award for Excellence in Interprofessional practice. Also, being a father of two great boys and maintaining a program GPA above 3.9 are achievements that I feel excited to share.
  5. What is a goal you have once you are graduated?
    While a quite a number of goals to accomplish, the most relevant one here would be to complete my certification as a Public Health Inspector.

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