Your Voting Guide to the 44th Federal Election: Part 2

Now that you know who is eligible to vote and how to cast your ballot from Part 1 of our Voting Guide to the 44th federal election (link to previous blog post), we want to tell you how you can find out who to vote for! 

Who Should I Vote For? 

While we can’t cast your vote for you, we can suggest a few great ways to help you make this decision for yourself!

Read the different party platforms. 

One of the best places to find information about what each party plans to do if they win the election, is their platforms! Their platforms explain the parties’ ideas to improve the lives of Canadians, and how they plan to do so if elected. Check out the four primary party platforms using the links below: 

Liberal Party Platform 

Conservative Party Platform 

New Democratic Party Platform 

Green Party Platform 

TIP: Platforms can be very long documents; if you know what issues matter to you, use CTRL + F to search the platforms for keywords to make it a little easier. 

Reach out to your local candidates running in the election. 

All the candidates running to become the Member of Parliament for where you live are looking to talk to you! They want to know what matters to you, so they can explain why they believe you should vote for them.  

To find out who the local candidates are for where you live or are registered to vote, use Elections Canada’s Voter Information Service! You can search by your postal code, electoral district, maps, and more. Once you find out what electoral district you are in, you can select the “Who are the candidates in my electoral district?” option to find out who the local candidates are and their contact information. 

Find your local candidates! 

Find out how your values align with each political party. 

If taking a short buzz-feed quiz is more your style, CBC has partnered with Vox Pop Labs to create Vote Compass. Vote Compass is a short quiz that asks you about your stance on specific issues reflected in each party’s platform to determine which party your values most align with. You can even weigh which issues matter most to you to influence your results! 

Take the Quiz!

Now that you know who can vote, how to vote, and where to find information on each party, it is time for you to vote!  

Do You Want a Reminder to Vote? 

Thanks to our partners at the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA), you can sign up online for email reminders about voting in the 44th federal election! 

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