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What does the CSI Extended Health and Dental Plan Cover?

All CSI members are included in the CSI Extended Health and Dental Plan unless you opt-out during the change of coverage period. If you are reading this though, it must be because you want to know what you can use it for!


Stay healthy by using the health coverage from The Plan! It covers eligible prescription drugs, physiotherapy, chiropractors, massage therapy, psychologists/social workers, naturopaths, and speech therapists. Learn more about how much is covered for each here:

Health Coverage


Keep those teeth pearly white and see your dentist. The Plan can cover up to 100% of your dental costs! Learn more about your dental coverage here:

Dental Coverage


Is reading your textbooks becoming a challenge, maybe you need to visit your eye doctor. Good thing The Plan can help you cover the costs for an eye exam and glasses or contact lenses. Find out how much it will cover you for here:

Vision Coverage


You probably didn’t think your health plan would cover you during your travels. The Plan provides trip cancellation, trip interruption, and medical coverage for your vacations. Find out exactly what it covers here:

Travel Coverage

How to Claim

When you go to pay, if they offer direct billing provide them with your “Pay-Direct Card” and you will only pay the portion that was not covered. Don’t have your “Pay-Direct Card”? Download it below. If they don’t offer direct billing you can submit your claim on the Studentcare mobile app. Just select the type of claim, take a photo of your receipt, and send it in! You will then be mailed a cheque or receive a direct deposit if you signed up.

Conestoga International Health Insurance Plan (International Students Only)

Are you an international student with questions about your coverage for physicians, hospital visits, and more? Learn about it here:

International Health Insurance Plan

Bonus: Legal Coverage

You also have legal coverage, unless you opted out of it! This coverage provides you access to a hotline to access your legal questions about any area of law and in the event you need support for housing, employment, or academic legal proceedings, you can even receive a lawyer to take charge of your proceedings. Find out more about your legal coverage here:

Legal Coverage