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Affordable Oscar Party Ideas for Movie Fans!

The 92nd Academy Awards premiers this upcoming Sunday! End your weekend on a high note! Here are a few ideas you can use to throw a fun and memorable party without emptying your wallet.

1. Dress Up!

After the awards, one of the most talked-about moments is the red carpet! Have your guests walk down a red carpet of their own (even if the flooring isn’t red or carpet) in their fancy attire. Better yet, dress up in DIY famous Oscar looks from the past. Before the party, make a list of famous Oscar looks and give them out randomly to each guest a day or two before they arrive to see some hilarious outfit choices (just be nice to the person who gets Björk’s swan dress). Not in the mood to dress fancily or make a last-minute costume? Chose a more comfortable theme! Why not Tuxedo shirts? Or, who doesn’t love a Pajama party (Anyone have a tuxedo adult onesie)?

2. Cover the venue with Oscar-themed decorations!

Use gold craft paper or construction paper and cut out Oscar trophy shapes using a stencil. Cover the floor (or ceiling if helium is available) with black and gold balloons. Streamers are another cheap and easy way to dress up the venue, be it a ballroom or your basement.

Oscar Stencil

3. Fill out Oscar ballots!

Have your guests fill out ballots with their predictions of this year’s Oscar winners before the event starts. Keep score as each winner is announced. Make sure to reward the winner with a gift worthy of their immense knowledge, like a $5 Tim Horton’s gift card. You can find printable ballots online or design your own!

Printable Oscar Ballots

4. Play Oscar bingo!

This idea is like the ballots, but with a twist. Create bingo cards and fill each empty square with a possible Oscar outcome like “Laura Dern wins best actress,” or “One of the hosts is very drunk.” Again, you may design your own or find them online but there is the other option of having your guests fill them out individually. If your party starts early, this will give the attendees something to do before the event gets underway. The rules are up to you! Does it include the red carpet? Should there be a free space in the middle or do you just fill it with Joaquin Phoenix for Best Actor (it’s the same thing, right)?

Printable Oscar Bingo

5. Oscar movie trivia!

Running out of time or running out of paper? Play a game of online trivia with your guests. You can apply the quiz specifically to the 2020 Oscars or you can cover the entire 92-year history! Design your own quiz on a site like Kahoot! or select one premade from many online options. Find out which of your friends is the biggest Academy Awards fan!

Make Your Own Trivia On Kahoot

6. Carpool to a theatre broadcasting the Academy Awards!

Often, movie theatres will air the Oscars live and for free. Don’t have cable? No problem! Take your friends to watch the Oscars on a giant screen. Bring those Oscar bingo cards (and maybe a couple of extras in case you make some new friends) to keep everyone invested. For Kitchener residents, and those nearby, the Apollo Cinema is playing the 92nd Academy Awards for free at 7:00 pm on Sunday, February 9th. Be sure to get advanced tickets for guaranteed seats!

Free Tickets for Apollo Cinema

7. Make a music playlist with the nominated soundtracks!

Every party needs background music. Luckily for you, the Academy already decided which songs to play! With films like “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” and “Joker” getting nominated for best score, you can’t go wrong. For the ones who need those party ballads, you also have Into the Unknown and (I’m Gonna) Love me Again nominated for Best Original Song.

8. Provide snacks!

Snacks are a must-have at parties, but just because it’s the Oscar’s, doesn’t mean you have to break the bank for fancy Hors d’Oeuvres. Have your friends each bring a dish of their own. Who doesn’t like snacks with a pun? Ford vs. Fettuccine. Once upon a Thyme in Hollywood. Saoirse Rotisserie Chicken. And remember, nothing goes better with the movie theme than some buttered popcorn!