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Important information regarding Spot Rx, our on-campus pharmacy

At this time CSI would like to make an announcement in regards to the status of SpotRx at Conestoga Doon and Cambridge campus.
Due to the business strategy implemented by SpotRx pharmacy, we regret to inform you that this service will be discontinued as of November 26th, 2019. Both locations found at the Doon Campus Student Life Centre and the Cambridge Campus Cafeteria will cease operations on the date noted above.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank the students that utilized this service and to the various college partners that allowed this technology to breakthrough in the Conestoga College community over the past 2+ years.
As the official student association of Conestoga College, we strive to present services and opportunities that provide students the resources to be well. As our service facilitated by SpotRx comes to a close, we are currently exploring new ways to serve our student community by providing pharmacy-based solutions to the Conestoga College community.

During this transition, if you are a member of the CSI Extended Health and Dental Plan, you may choose to change to a Rexall Pharmacy for 10% off your prescription drug costs (up to a max of $40).

We look forward to sharing new developments with our community in the near future.

Conestoga Students Inc.