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Sharan Kalsi, Director

  1. Hometown: Brampton
  2. Academic program: Bachelors of Design
  3. Year: 3
  4. Number of years on CSI BOD: 1

My name is Sharan Kalsi and I’m a third-year student studying Bachelor of Design at Doon Campus and it’s my first year as a Director at CSI. As an individual enrolled in a design program, I find myself constantly being pushed to think outside of the box. When the opportunity arose to apply for this position, I considered that I could offer a unique perspective to the board. The reason I ran for the board is that I want to make the school a better place for Conestoga students as a collective regardless of their backgrounds and who they are. I believe that school should be a place where students feel safe and respected. My hope is to do this by creating a transparent atmosphere within the Conestoga campuses where students are able to openly talk about stigmatized concepts such as mental health issues, the use of accessibility resources, and gender identities. I want to create a safe space for all students who may face discrimination, and I feel as though due to the political climate of our neighbouring countries it is becoming more and more evident that this is necessary in order to ensure the safety and respect of our students.