Student Clubs and Societies are essential to the culture of the post-secondary experience

Clubs also play a role in promoting cultural and social groups at Conestoga College, fostering a sense of community and belonging for students. Starting a club or joining a club is a great way to get involved at the college, meet new people and graduate with that little something extra. CSI supports clubs in many ways: training, event space, printing account, funding, rewards.
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Take a look at previous clubs to get an idea, and learn how to start a club below.

Prospective clubs

We post information regarding clubs that have some interest, but not enough members to officially form a club. Check here for information on these prospective clubs and contact the club president directly to find out how to get involved.

Club applications have officially closed for this academic year.

Don’t see a club listed? Start one!

In order to become a fully sanctioned club you must read the Clubs Manual and fill out the downloadable Club Application Form and email it to the CSI Student Engagement Coordinator. You will then be contacted via the email address you provide to set up a meeting to complete the process.

Why Become an Official CSI Club or Society?

Official CSI Clubs and Societies have a several benefits afforded to them like: As a CSI Club or Society, you will receive support from CSI in the following ways:

Club Training
Start Up Funds
Fundraising Support
Website Promotion

Club Days
Get Involved Fair
Poster Printing Account

A CSI Club must:

  1. Have a membership of at least seven students.
  2. have a statement of purpose and proposed plan of operations, including: i. a proposed budget for the academic year, ii. a list of elected officers and a proposed meeting schedule for the academic year.
  3. Completely read the CSI Club Manual

Dos and Don’ts

The below list outlines general rules and guidelines of what to do/not do if you create a CSI club. For more information please read the Clubs Manual thoroughly, or contact the Student Engagement Coordinator.


Please do all of the following things regularly to successfully operate your club.

  • DO: Run regular meetings
  • DO: Have all events accessible to all Conestoga College students
  • DO: Frequently update club membership lists and keep attendance
  • DO: Keep track of finances and spend your budget money
  • DO: Use Chartwells Catering for on campus events
  • DO: Attend all mandatory presidents meetings
  • DO: Reply to correspondences within 1-2 business days
  • DO: Run at least one event per semester
  • DO: Refer to your president’s manual and the website for most questions
  • DO: Apply for special event funding to facilitate new ideas
  • DO: Attend training sessions and make use of all resources available


Please DO NOT DO any of the following things as they are strictly prohibited.

  • DON’T: Collect club donations and keep them off campus
  • DON’T: Directly or indirectly spend resources on alcohol or alcohol related events
  • DON’T: Hold more than one club executive position
  • DON’T: Discriminate against any student. All students are welcome in all clubs
  • DON’T: Have mandatory membership fees
  • DON’T: Treat your clubs locker, any CSI or any Conestoga space poorly
  • DON’T: Post any posters around campus without approval from facilities
  • DON’T: Allow non-Conestoga Students to join your club
  • DON’T: Hold raffles, 50/50 draws, or any events that involve gambling
  • DON’T: Solicit donations as mandatory
  • DON’T: Spend more money than your club has

Start a Club

Click on the link below to download an application form. Fill it out entirely and email it to CSI’s Student Engagement Coordinator.

Darcee Carnes

Student Engagement Coordinator
Application Form

Clubs vs Societies

Clubs are centred around a general interest of students. A club can be about anything from Xbox enthusiasts to Rock and Roll Roadies and everything in between. Clubs must be inclusive, meaning that if a Conestoga College student wishes to join any club then they must be allowed to do so.

Societies are strictly reserved for academic programs of Conestoga College. Societies are exclusive, meaning that only students of a particular academic program are welcome to join that society.
For more information on societies, please contact CSI’s Student Engagement Coordinator.
Darcee Carnes


CSI’s Student Engagement Coordinator would be happy to talk to you about any questions or concerns you have about this topic.