Campaigning has officially begun!

Campaigning has officially begun for the upcoming CSI Board of Directors election. Check out the bios and campaign videos on this page to get to know the candidates before you cast your vote.

Vote between March 19 and March 23!

Voting officially opens up on Monday March 19. Be sure to cast your vote either online by checking your Conestoga College email, by selecting the link that will be posted on this web page, or by filling out a paper ballot at the CSI Office on your campus. Whatever method you choose, make sure to cast your ballot by Friday March 23th at 2pm.

Doon students can vote at our voting stations.

Voting stations will be set up at various locations during the week of voting.
Monday March 19, in front of Tim Hortons.
Tuesday March 20, E-Wing.
Wednesday March 21, in front of the CSI main office (2A106).
Thursday March 22, in front of the Library (LRC).
Friday March 23, E-Wing.

Get to know the candidates of the 2018-2019 CSI Board of Directors election

Remember, you can vote for a minimum of one candidate and a maximum of seven candidates to fill the seven director positions.

Guyth Abouyouniss

I am a friendly and approachable Business Administration-Management student looking to provide ideas to create a better environment at Conestoga college to play a role in helping improve the conditions for students for a more mentally challenging, yet healthy atmosphere for everyone by advocating student needs. My Adaptability to change will help in school activities as I enjoy challenges and obstacles as they guide me in living my life to the fullest and what better opportunity is there to do so? You should vote for me because I am a respectful and outgoing individual who wants to be part of making a better and more productive diverse Conestoga for all students. I believe college creates an opportunity for everyone by simulating low-risk challenges that help people find their dream opportunities when they rise to the challenge. I want to inspire and create hope for students so we can all make a step forward to achieve our dream lives.
Written by Guyth Abouyouniss.

Jack Gaudet

My name is Jack Gaudet. Im 22 years old. I am a second year student here at Conestoga College and I’m enrolled in the Bachelor of Design program. I would like to run for the director position at Conestoga Students Inc. to help bridge the gap between fee-paying students and the administration, as well as the communication between students and CSI. I truly believe I can use this opportunity to expand student engagement. I would like to make sure more students know about the services Conestoga College has to offer and would like to facilitate more communication between faculty and the students. I also want to encourage the students to speak up about their opinions that they may have and start an open conversation. Over the course of my three total years being enrolled at Conestoga, CSI has taken many big steps to improve student life and I would like to become part of this positive growth. Conestoga has given me so much over the last couple years and I believe its my time to give back and make a difference. My end goal is to make a positive change to our school’s atmosphere.
– Written by Jack Gaudet

Sharan Kalsi

My name is Sharan Kalsi and I’m a second-year student in the Bachelor of Design program. I am currently running to be a board member of the CSI team for the 2018-2019 term. I am a passionate and creative graphic artist, seeking to expand my leadership experience. I believe that leadership involves being honest and having strong moral principals, and I would love to bring these qualities forward within CSI. I am the type of leader that is consistently transparent and open to interaction. I believe that providing and receiving constructive feedback is important to learn and grow as individuals. I continuously try to motivate others in professional and casual settings, because I believe that it is important to encourage my friends and peers towards success. I am often described as being kind, attentive, and optimistic. I feel as though these characteristics help me excel in-group work situations. My ambition is to improve the school in ways that benefit the students’ wants and needs. I believe that Conestoga should be a place where we all feel safe and respected. My hope is to achieve this by creating a transparent atmosphere within all campuses by engaging with students. I am a strong advocate of integrity, mental health awareness, the inclusion of international students, and the creation of safe spaces. If given the opportunity to be a CSI Director, my aim is to provide the best learning and social experience for all of my peers at Conestoga College.
– Written by Sharan Kalsi

Kevin Lewis

My name is Kevin Lewis and I am currently one of your Directors on the Conestoga Students Incorporated (CSI) board. I am running for re-election for the 2018/2019 year.
Last year these were three key principles I campaigned on. They were:
Strong Representation
Strong Communication
Strong Leadership

These three key principles have not changed, I still believe these are as pivotal now as ever. Now, one year later, I have experience on the board, which enables me to continue the momentum I have built up and served students from day one. I have experience talking and listening to students to know what they would like CSI to do for them as well as taking that feedback and putting it into action. This past year there has been great challenges and progress but there’s still more work to be done. Re-elect me, Kevin Lewis, and support continued strong leadership.
– Written by Kevin Lewis

Andrew MacNeil

I, Andrew MacNeil, will serve the school community by participating in the Conestoga Student Incorporated Board of Directors. As a second-year International Business Management student, I have had the opportunity to be a part of the Conestoga community. I have had the privilege of experiencing the benefits CSI provides to its fellow students. As someone with great ambition, strong leadership skills and a desire to serve others, I wish to take my experience a step further as an active member of the CSI Board of Directors.
Having experienced Conestoga’s excellent counselling facilities/services, my goal is to improve the health services of our school. Thus, not only ensuring the physical health of my peers, but also ensuring that students feel welcome, confident, and mentally strong, allowing them to achieve their full academic potential. A healthy and strong-minded school will benefit the students’ surroundings and help Conestoga stand as a pinnacle of strength, wellness, and welcoming to any and every potential student, regardless of their future path. By giving the students peace of mind, this enables students to focus more on achieving happiness while continuing to develop a strong education. With this, students will be able to improve their productivity while increasing their ability to take part in activities they are passionate about, such as fitness, art, music, or furthering their education.
By becoming a member of the Board of Directors, I know that I can help turn these ideals into reality for my peers and all Conestoga students!
– Written by Andrew MacNeil

Don’t forget to vote!

Campaigning has officially begun, but voting doesn’t open up until March 19. Cast your vote online by checking your conestoga email, or come to the CSI office on your campus to fill out a paper ballot.

Martha Prada

Martha Prada moved to Canada from Colombia seven months ago to pursue her academic passion in this new, dynamic and diverse country. She is a first-year student in the Advertising and Marketing Communications program here at Conestoga. A regular campus event attendee, you might have seen her as one of the photographers for CSI capturing the ambiance through her lens within the student community.
Martha is a strong advocate of equality, environmental causes and the importance of the student experience. She also values the power to convey ideas and meaningful messages; this is why she hopes to gain future opportunities to apply her creative drive addressing fundamental concerns efficiently.
– Written by Martha Prada

Elijah Reinhardt

My name is Elijah Reinhardt, and I am a first-year student here at Conestoga College. My program is International Business Management. I have many hobbies including geography, reading, and road biking. In the three years that I have been road-biking I have covered 1200+ kilometers. I also like to travel as I am interested in geography and unique places in this world.
As a student here, I know the importance of having your voice heard, and bringing your suggestions up in meetings. I know from personal experience in student council, the students have great ideas that can make this school a better place for everyone.
Looking forward to work with you this year!
Elijah Reinhardt
– Written by Elijah Reinhardt

Angela van Stee

I am Angela van Stee and I am a first-year student at Conestoga college in the Social Service Worker program. I attended a college at 18 and now I have returned for a career change as an older student. This change of focus comes after several years working in the Insurance field. The change of pace I am experiencing is refreshing and welcome. Each of my college experiences have been very different but allowed me to discover college life that helps me to develop an understanding of college expectations and what is available. My experience is only my own and my expectations, wants, and needs as a college student portray only my own vision and desires. My own experience has given me the drive to run for the Board of Directors but it is only what led me to take initial action. In a position as a student leader my stance will be to be a voice for students and their own vision for what Conestoga can be and should be. I will strive to be available to student concerns and take these concerns seriously to effect change both big and small to create a school that supports students and creates and space that students can be proud of.
– Written by Angela van Stee

Scot Wyles

My name is Scot Wyles and I am in the Bachelors of Early Learning Program Development where I work with children and hope to become a teacher. I enjoy interacting with others and giving support when needed. I always go the extra mile on tasks and activities.
These past years on the board have continued to change my life, and make me a better leader. One of the most exciting parts is communicating with students and getting their feedback and trying to implement what students want. To make the college experience one of a kind. Ever since my first year of college I have been apart of CSI I’m some capacity, the last three years have been the best thought, by being on the board. I am a person that is easy to get along with, funny at times, kind and caring. I am the type of person now that enjoys walking around from our Venue all the way to F-wing communicating with students about everything and anything. This will be my fourth time running for the board and I am super excited to have the chance to work with amazing leaders and communicate with fellow students.
My platform is simple. It is about making positive change within the college. By getting student feedback, I want to know what changes within Conestoga, students want to see since I will be an advocate for all students. I am always about making the college experience the best for students is as many ways as possible.
– Written by Scot Wyles

Meet Your Primary Electoral Officer (PEO)

If you have questions about anything whatsoever in regards to the election, we invite you to contact your Primary Electoral Officer.