CSI Fest online passport and cheat sheet, day 2

Happy CSI Fest, Condors!
It’s the second day of CSI Fest, and your second opportunity to fill out a passport by answering easy questions about CSI and our services for a chance to win amazing prizes! Remember, if you get stuck, access the cheat sheet at the bottom of the page to help you out.

CSI Fest Passport, Day 2

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Cheat Sheet


Name three areas in which you are covered if you remained on the Student Care health plan.

This is a service where oral hygiene is important. They find cavities, do route canals etc.

You can get these from the On the Spot Pharmacy.

These people help you out with your vision.

It’s a good idea to get this before you go on vacation anywhere outside of the country!


What is the name of the Leadership workshops that teach you important skills that you don’t necessarily learn in school?

These aren’t school skills, but _____ skills that you can use when you’re not in school! The Game of ________, add the word “skills.”


What is your next pub night?

Take a look at the flyers on the table.


How many board members are there?

The number between 6 and 8.


Where does the shuttle stop on the regular route?

This campus, another campus, and a place where students live.

Food Support

How often can students access the Food bank?

Once a month.

Service Hub

Name three things you can do in your Service Hub.

This is something you do when you want to see work you’ve typed up that you then want to hand in.

If you want to make your assignment (especially if it’s a large document) look professional and good, you ______ it.

This shiny material keeps your paper or document safe from tearing.


What’s the name of the fund designed to help support Conestoga students whenever possible through financial support?

Another word for “academic” fund.