Outdoor Movie Night scheduled for Thursday, July 27 is cancelled- but enjoy Movie Trivia instead

Unfortunately due to inclement weather the Outdoor Movie Night scheduled for Thursday night will be cancelled. But don’t worry, we still have an awesome movie-themed event planned for you during the day! Head down to Movie Trivia from 11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. in the E-wing! Just pick a movie genre of your choice and answer a question based on that genre. If you get it right, you’ll receive 2 ballots for the prize draw. If you get it wrong, you’ll just receive one. The prize you’ll be getting ballots for includes movie tickets, a new release movie/blu-ray, candy and popcorn! Free popcorn or freezies will be given out (TBD). Head down to Movie Trivia for your chance to win big! If you have any questions please forward them over to smarks@conestogac.on.ca