The Plan insurer for health and dental benefits is changing from Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada to Securian Canada as of Sept. 1, 2023. See below for new claiming instructions.

Staying Healthy is Important to your Overall Success as a Student

CSI administrates health plans for all full-time Conestoga College students.

Looking for more information about plans offered through Studentcare? Use this guide to learn more about CSI’s health plans and coverage.


For any general questions about your health plan coverage (International and Extended), eligibility rules and special circumstances revolving around your health plan. Please contact:

Need more information? Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.
Health Plan FAQs

College International Health Insurance Plan (CIHIP)

What is CIHIP?

CIHIP offers comprehensive insurance for basic emergency health-care services that may be difficult to afford while studying in Ontario.

For specific questions revolving your CIHIP plan like for surgery, hospital visits, and maternity coverage, contact:

CIHIP Plan Coverage

The CIHIP Plan provides coverage for:

  • Hospitalization and related services
  • Annual medical examination if covered for 6 consecutive months or more
  • Ambulance
  • X-rays and lab testing
  • Physician Services (in hospital, at home, or during medically necessary clinical visits
  • Emergency transportation
  • Psychiatric hospitalization
  • Psychotherapy
  • And more!

Please be aware that certain medical treatments, services, or care require advance approval from Securian.


Downloading your CIHIP Card

Please note: If you are a new intake student you may not be able to download your coverage card from the link below until after the change of coverage period.

If you require proof of coverage for traveling, please print off a copy of your Conestoga College billing summary which shows your charges for the health insurance plan. This will be sufficient for Canadian Immigration Services.

Adding Dependents

Students can enroll their dependents (spouse and/or dependent children) here:
Add Dependants

How to Claim

Students can submit claims through the secure CIHIP site or via mail. Claims are processed within 2-4 weeks.

Have a question for Securian about a denied claim or for approval of consultations/quotes from practitioners? Please contact:

Find a Clinic

The Preferred Provider Network (PPN) is one of the largest and most comprehensive networks of medical practitioners available to international students in Ontario.

Browse options via the button below to find the clinic that best suits your needs. Each is specially equipped to take care of you in the event of a medical problem or emergency and can process direct billing.

Browse Regional Clinics

For clinics outside of the Region of Waterloo, please visit:
Find Other Clinics

Health and Dental Plans

What is the Health and Dental Plan?

The Health and Dental Plan covers students for medical services including prescription medication, vision care and dental care.

Download the Securian Mobile App:

Health Coverage

Prescription Drugs & Vaccinations:Up to 80% coverage, $2,000 maximum per policy year.

Health Practitioners:Coverage for Physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, Psychologists, Naturopaths and Speech therapists. Please review link for percentage of coverage.

Diagnostic Services:Lab tests and ultrasounds used to diagnose an illness and performed in a commercial lab.

Accidents & Emergencies:Covers a percentage of Ambulance service cost to the nearest hospital, and travel accident for emergency treatment of an injury or illness while travelling out-of-province. Please review link for percentage of coverage.

Medical Equipment:Coverage of stipulated medical equipment, including crutches, wheelchair rental, hospital-type bed, rigid braces (not for athletic use), and permanent prosthesis. Please review link for percentage of coverage.

Dental Coverage

Those covered have access to preventive care with a Plan that offers $750 coverage for dental visits per policy year. The Plan covers 10% to 75% of Students dental costs and by visiting a Studentcare Dental Network member, you’ll receive an additional 20 to 30% off dental services. This will enable you to have up to 100% of Students dental costs covered by the Dental Plan.

Studentcare Dental Network members offer 20-30% off dental services

Adding Dependents:Students can add their spouse and/or dependent children to the CSI Health and dental plan coverage by paying an additional fee. Common law and same-sex couples are eligible. Dependents must be enrolled for the same length of coverage as the student. Students can enroll their dependents through the Studentcare site during their change of coverage period.

How to Claim:Claim Forms, as well as additional information, can be found in the Studentcare Download Centre.


Vision Coverage

Eyeglasses & Contact Lenses:$120 per 24 months for new or replacement eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Eye Exam:$100 per eye exam per every 24 months.

How to Claim: Claim Forms can be mailed to Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada or online through the Studentcare mobile app. Download the app through the button below.


Travel Coverage


120 days per trip and up to $5,000,000 per lifetime

Trip Cancellation:

$3,000 for trip cancellation

Trip Interruption:

$7,500 for trip interruption

Exchange & Internship Students:

Travel health coverage for the duration of an academic exchange or internship, plus for the first 120 days of the trip and for 120 days after the end of the exchange or internship

Travel Health Passport:

For travel outside of Canada and a student’s home country, excluding en route travel.

Learn more

Virtual Care

Get Started with Dialogue Today!

Download the Dialogue Health app today or create a Students account online.
*Please note: This service is available for STUDENTS ONLY and not any enrolled dependents.

Get Started Here!

What can I do with Dialogue?

Students covered by the CSI Health & Dental Plan have access to virtual health care through the Dialogue Health mobile app. This online platform allows you to virtually connect with nurses and physicians via a mobile or web app. Dialogue helps you with the following:

  • Consult with a nurse about health-related questions via chat, video, or phone.
  • See a doctor via secure video for a diagnosis or prescription.
  • Get help with specialist referrals and lab requests.
  • Be navigated to local resources to book medical appointments.
  • Renew prescriptions, with free delivery to a Student’s pharmacy or Student’s door.
  • Access the service from across Canada for minor emergencies 24/7.
  • Consult health professionals in your time zone:
  • Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm / Saturday to Sunday from 10am to 4pm

Have a question regarding virtual health care provided by Dialogue, technical support or help with registration? Please contact: Support@dialogue.co

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