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It is important to maintain your physical, mental and spiritual health throughout your student career. CSI’s wellness service is designed to keep you healthy and motivated to do your best in class.
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the wellness office

The Forever changing Wellness Office

Over the course of just a couple of years, the Wellness Office has changed from having two massage therapists and being located in room 2A100— which is now the leadership office— to having not only a massage therapist, but a chiropractor and now a physiotherapist too. The office is now located in the newly renovated Rec Centre, and there’s now room to accommodate all of these new services. The office has also added an On the Spot Pharmacy kiosk which is located right beside the Medical Care Clinic next to the Medical Care Clinic in the Lower Atrium.

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Wellness Services

Monica Suljovic, the Wellness Office Coordinator, has been along for the ride so far and has witnessed all of the changes.

the wellness office
“I started working there in August 2012 and originally there was somebody doing the massage bookings and someone doing the health plan and I was doing both,” said Suljovic. “We went from having two massage therapists down to one, and then we brought the chiropractor on board fall of 2013, then we have the physiotherapist right now starting in fall 2017, along with the On the Spot Pharmacy. So it’s expanded a lot since we’ve moved to the Rec Centre.”
The Wellness Office attributes its success today to its new space which is much bigger than the former room 2A100. The space has allowed for more growth, and with social media and print ads, students can easily find out more information about the office and what it has to offer them.

This growth and expansion has included offering physiotherapy and On the Spot Pharmacy, two additions that came directly from student feedback. The Board of Directors held a survey and physio and prescriptions were on the top of the list.
The physiotherapist, Adam Davidson, is from Eramosa Physiotherapy in Guelph and the On the Spot Pharmacy kiosk is from MedAvail in Mississauga.
“We were going to put an actual pharmacy in here, but we had a hard time finding pharmacists and the space is too small for it, so the drug dispensing machine was perfect,” said Suljovic.

The best thing about these services is that they’re convenient for faculty, staff and students, because they can use them right here on campus and don’t have to worry about waiting in line at a pharmacy or booking an appointment elsewhere.

The Wellness Office is there for faculty, staff and students’ convenience and their needs. It’ll continue to expand in the future depending on what students see a need for in the future. The staff at the office do whatever they can to satisfy students’ needs and help them with anything from health plan info to aches, pains and injuries.
“We would like to bring in another service next year, we’re still on the fence as to what that is right now, but the goal is to expand and keep expanding, just depends on what avenue. It’s whatever the students’ need, really.”

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If you would like to book an appointment at the Wellness Office, visit room RC 173 in the Rec Centre, or call or email.

519-748-5131 x3585

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Spot RX Pharmacy

Spot RX is a 24-hour self-serve pharmacy kiosk that provides you with over 500 over-the-counter and prescription medications. It’s fast, easy to use and convenient. The machine connects you with a pharmacist that provides you with the medication you require in under five seconds. With a dispensing fee of only $7.99, if you’re on the Student Care plan this is completely covered, and if you’re not, this is an affordable option that is cheaper than most pharmacies.
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Spiritual Rooms

CSI provides gender neutral spiritual rooms at Doon and Cambridge campuses. These rooms are meant for prayer, meditation or silent, peaceful reflection. They are open at all times for your convenience.
Doon: Temporarily located in the Rec Centre, room RC120
Cambridge: A2207
Waterloo: 2G24
Guelph: Beside A10

Mental Wellness

CSI has partnered with Conestoga College and various community services to create a video series focused on raising awareness of mental health. Maintaining good mental health is important to your success in and out of the classroom, but it’s not always something that you can manage on your own.

Did you know that 1 in 10 Conestoga College students access Counselling Services on campus every year?

If you are experiencing difficulties with your mental wellbeing like depression, anxiety, then we strongly suggest you open up and talk to someone about it. Take a look at our video series and know that you are not alone.
Mental Health Resources

Talk to someone

Counselling services are available to all students, as well as other on campus resources that can assist you if you find that you are struggling in other areas like academics, or physical wellness.
Mental Health Resources

Two-thirds of Canadians have had experience with depression or anxiety, with one third of people saying they have suffered from it themselves.

Some great resources for dealing with your mental health concerns are people who have dealt with it first hand.

Mental Health Resources

Food Support

CSI's Food support program exists to assist students on campus by providing quality, accessible and affordable food.

CSI Educational Fund

The CSI Educational Fund is designed to help students offset the various expenses that come along with course work.


CSI offers a variety of scholarships to all fee paying students, domestic or international.