About CSI Councils

As a student association Conestoga Students Inc. understands that representation of our diverse student population in decision and policy making is of the upmost importance. CSI knows the value in seeking out feedback and guidance from our students in order to properly represent the Conestoga population.

We recognize that the Conestoga student population is diverse and that students need a platform to voice their opinions and experiences to help evolve and improve campus services, CSI has created councils to give space to our students to learn about and then provide feedback regarding college services. CSI Councils are made up of students from various backgrounds and experiences. These councils give their student members the opportunity to share feedback and experiences with their student association.

Make a Difference as a Council Member

Student members of each council attend meetings and provide valuable feedback on their experience as students. CSI collects this feedback to improve the student experience and support the success of all students at Conestoga College.

In carrying out the duties of this position, a great deal of autonomy is exercised with final overview by the Student Engagement Coordinator. It is also important that the council members work extremely closely with the Student Engagement Coordinator to ensure they are up to date on the basic overall operations of the council. In all activities, it is crucial that the council member recognizes that service to students is a top priority.

Each council takes a multi-campus approach and includes students from all campuses. During the COVID-19 pandemic all meetings will take place virtually.

These councils aim to support our students and can be enacted for other students who wish to see more representation for their identity at Conestoga.

Council Member Duties


Each council is made up of students who self-identify with the group being represented.

These students are expected to participate on an ongoing basis in the following ways:

  1. Attend two meetings per month
  2. Participate to the best of their ability and comfort level in each meeting or activity
  3. Be respectful of their peers on the council even if they have differing opinions
  4. Connect with the CSI Board of Directors throughout their time as members on this council
  5. Communicate outside of meetings via email and other channels in a timely manner
  6. Support other students on the council in their experience in order to create a cohesive team of council members

Council Support

Students who create Councils under CSI receive the following support:


  • Access to funding to help support the Council’s goals and experiences
  • Support in meeting facilitation from CSI full time staff
  • Direct connection to the CSI Board of Directors to ensure feedback is heard and can be used to make change
  • Additional aspects include workshops to improve members soft skills and team socials

Council Formation Requirements

Interested in forming a council?

Students who identify with a demographic that would benefit from additional representation and support will need to meet the following requirements:

  • There must be a minimum of 5 individual student members committed to form a council
  • Students will be supported in finding membership, should there be less than 5 students identifying themselves within each group
  • There must not be a similar group operating under the “council” umbrella, with sole discretion via the Student Engagement Coordinator
  • The groups mandate must not act out of a place of harm, discrimination or promote hate towards any other demographic make-up

Fill Out an Application Form

Apply to form a CSI Council

  • Max. file size: 128 MB.
    Please include names, emails and student numbers of all council members.

Have a question about CSI’s Councils?

Contact CSI’s Leadership Department.