Your Student Experience Is Important. Join In!

Make sure to connect to others and create or join a physically distanced community through similar interests. Keep up your motivation and connect with your peers through clubs.

Join A Current Club

Here are some suggested clubs to start:

  1. Socially distanced running club (connect through running apps)
  2. Book clubs
  3. Movie clubs
  4. Gaming clubs
  5. Cooking clubs
  6. Crafting clubs
  7. TikTok clubs
  8. Dancing clubs
  9. Knitting clubs
  10. Religious based clubs

Start A Club

Prospective Clubs

We post information regarding clubs that have some interest, but not enough members to officially form a club. Check here for information on these prospective clubs and contact the club president directly to find out how to get involved.

Don’t see a club listed? Start one!

In order to become a fully sanctioned club you must read the Clubs Manual and fill out the downloadable Club Application Form and email it to CSI’s Clubs and Societies Coordinator. You will then be contacted via the email address you provide to set up a meeting to complete the process.

Why Become an Official CSI Club or Society?

Official CSI Clubs and Societies have a several benefits afforded to them like: As a CSI Club or Society, you will receive support from CSI in the following ways:

  • Funding
  • Advertising supports
  • Prizes
  • Guidance on how to run meetings and virtual events
  • And general moral support

A CSI Club must:

  1. Have a membership of at least seven students.
  2. Have a statement of purpose and proposed plan of operations, including a proposed budget for the academic year and a list of elected officers and a proposed meeting schedule for the academic year.

Start a Club


To connect with the Leadership department
directly, contact
Office hours for immediate assistance are
Tuesdays 1:00pm ‐ 3:00pm.