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CSI provides events, activities and spaces to keep our members entertained, relaxed and comfortable before and after classes. Events and activities are held throughout the year at all campuses.

Check out the CSI Calendar for a fill list of events that are happening on each campus

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Can’t find the game you’re looking for?

We provide gaming lounges at each of out campuses for student to unwind between classes. Tweet your game requests @CStudentsInc and we will do our best to accommodate your suggestions.

CSI Spaces

CSI has a dedicated lounge space on each campus. Pop in and relax with some video games , Netflix, or movie and TV marathons. With plenty of big screen TVs, gaming consoles and open social space you will find yourself relaxed in no time. These are great spaces to connect with friends, or perhaps make some new ones. Stop by and relax with CSI this year!

There is a CSI Space on each of the main campuses.

The Venue

Restaurant & Bar

The Venue is CSI’s main student space for events and preformances at Doon campus. In the daytime, it functions as a restaurant and bar, where you can get some lunch at an affordable price.

The Venue Bar is open every weekday during fall and winter semesters.

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