Campaigning has officially begun!

Check out the bios and campaign videos on this page to get to know the candidates before you cast your vote in the 2019/2020 CSI student Board of Directors election.

Vote between April 1 and April 5!

Voting officially opens up on Monday April 1. Be sure to cast your vote either online by checking your Conestoga College email, by selecting the link that will be posted on this web page, or by filling out a paper ballot at the CSI Office on your campus. Whatever method you choose, make sure to cast your ballot by Friday April 5 at 2pm.

Get to know the candidates of the 2018-2019 CSI Board of Directors election

Remember, you can vote for a minimum of one candidate and a maximum of seven candidates to fill the seven director positions.

Chloe Bui


  • I am a great listener and am very good at taking in feedback
  • my goal is to make the student voice the loudest voice on campus
  • I am from Guelph campus, so will be a great representative for students from other satellite campuses


Hello Conestoga Students!
My name is Chloe Bui and I’m a first-year Business student at the Guelph Campus. I’m excited to announce that I will be running for the CSI’s Board of Directors for next year.
CSI is a great connection between the college and students. As a student in business, one of the most important things in a future career path is connecting with people to form reliable relationships. I believe that it works the same with our relationship with the college. I have participated in many school organizations since high school. My experience working with both the school and students will benefit student success and the connections within the college. Being a student, I understand it is important for students to be known by the college, and yes, one of the first priorities is to make sure that your voice is heard, and it will be the loudest voice at the college. I will fully commit myself to the board of directors, college activities, and understanding the student’s needs to support them in every possible way.

Heather Firlotte


  • community: improve the culture on campus through connections and relationships
  • culture: inclusion though celebrating our diversity more than just during Conestoga College’s annual Cultural Diversity week
  • collaboration: allow for students to work more collaboratively with the board


My name is Heather Firlotte and I am a Bachelor of Early Learning Program Development student at Conestoga College. I graduated from the Early Childhood Education Diploma program (at Conestoga College) in April 2018 and bridged into the third year of my current program. I have been involved with CSI as a student leader during my time at Conestoga. For example, currently, I am president of “Conestoga College Players” a CSI sanctioned dramatic arts club at Conestoga College.

I am running for CSI Board of Directors because I want to make a positive change and impact to CSI/Conestoga College that will last long after I graduate. If elected I would like to bring change to Conestoga College/CSI through the following points: Firstly, I would like to try to improve/increase the sense of community on campus. For example, I would like to increase the supports and resources for campus experiences that increase the feeling of community on campus (e.g. college clubs and societies). Secondly, I would like to help to improve collaboration with members and stakeholders of the college. For example, I would like to see CSI improve student involvement in event planning. Lastly, I would like to improve the expression and representation of the diversity/culture of the various students on campus in ways that are authentic, inclusive, meaningful, and respectful. One way I believe that this goal can be achieved is through a culture/diversity/inclusion committee.

Vote for Heather because she’ll bring everyone together!

Mehar Hundal


  • for every student, regardless of background, to have the best experience at Conestoga College by getting involved on campus
  • understand visions and perspectives of every student and advocate for everyone
  • aspire for a physically, mentally and spiritually healthy environment


My name is Mehar Hundal and I am currently enrolled as a first-year student in the International Business Management program. Being an International student from India, embarking in the whole new environment, I had decided to leave no opportunity that had my interest. Since the beginning I was intuitively seeing the threads of opportunities to make my place & get involved. Soon, I became the Student Representative for my program & started volunteering. Putting myself in these new and exciting situations made me explore my horizons and pursue them. Recently, I became the PAC Rep for IBM program as well. Back in high school, I was a prominent extrovert who loved taking risks and thinking outside the box. Coming to Canada, the fear of losing my personality was huge. But I am glad, I didn’t, and in fact, became better. When the opportunity arose to run for the Board of directors, I knew this was my chance to follow my passion & offer my perspective and assistance to make Conestoga a better place for every student. Besides, I am a sportsperson & was on the Indian National Soccer team and am waiting for Canadian weather to give me a chance to begin my sports ventures here. I am an occasional writer and artist. I love brainstorming creative ideas. People say I am bubbly and cheer up everyone with my pathetic sense of humour. I strive everyday to be the best version of myself and making a positive impact on society.

Megha James


  • bring upon certain programs that improvises communications skills of international students so they feel open and transparent
  • reform certain facilities of Conestoga College, like including cafeteria services in the ATS Engineering complex
  • bring livelier student engagement programs creating major participation of students


Megha James loves challenging her own self. She doesn’t mind taking risks and utilises all the opportunities that comes. She is keen to learn diverse culture and traditions people follow. Imagination and creativeness along with hard work makes a lot of what she is today. She never gives up. She believes team work plays a vital role in developing herself. She is real, easy to talk with and you could find a true friend in her. She desires for new experiences. Being in Board of Directors, she aims to interact, know the queries of the students and find perfect solution for their problems. She is comfortable to talk with and can be a great help. She strives to accomplish what she has set forth to do and when she can’t will call for help and she is certain every person here will help her in their own ways. She wants to make her college a comfortable space for the students than it is today. Regardless of their culture and diversities, she wants to have an open and transparent environment across the campuses. She wishes to develop student engagement programs into much livelier and happening events and aims to build major participation of students.

Ashish Nagra


  • represent all students, domestic and international, and make an inclusive environment for them
  • make proper utilization of CSI resources so as to ensure full involvement of all students
  • conduct various fun activities and innovative workshops


I would like to express my serious interest in the Board of Directors of Conestoga Student Inc and please acknowledge this essay as my biography/campaign for the same.
My academic curricular thus far has provided me with a broad range of knowledge and skills. During my Intermediate, I excelled in courses related to physics, mathematics, and chemistry; and later completed my Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering from VIT University. Along with the subjects that I have opted in VIT during my degree in India, I have been very active beyond the classroom, engaging in extracurricular ventures. I am now comfortable adapting to interaction with new people and various situations, which are unconventional from me. My most recent achievement is that I participated in an event to make a record for Guinness book of world records and it earned a mention in the Guinness Book.
I had a vision to make proper utilization of CSI resources so as to ensure proper involvement of all the students in studies as well as in extra-curricular activities too. I will make sure to use my each bit time for CSI’s development and to contribute my extra time to work for three core competencies of CSI which are services, representation and activities. CSI is a platform where i can showcase my talent in coordinating and managing various workshops and events in the best way. i will pursue new experiences to push myself and broaden my horizons.
To conclude, I would prefer to reemphasize that my experience and my skill set are aligned with the post’s expectations and will guide me in giving my best to it.

Don’t forget to vote!

Campaigning has officially begun, but voting doesn’t open up until April 1. Cast your vote online by checking your conestoga email, or come to the CSI office on your campus to fill out a paper ballot.

Nikhil Nisangi


  • increase the full time and part time employment opportunities, including on-campus placements and after graduation
  • facilitate housing opportunities for students
  • increase the frequency of CSI representation meetings, athletic events and technical events
  • create a Conestoga online marketplace for buying and selling


I am Nikhil Nisangi(Nik) running for the Board of Directors(CSI) 2019-2020.
I believe that leading at this level needs quite a bit exposure in management to pull the role efficiently and I have 3 years of experience in IT Business management. My exposure into management of numerous clubs, events and projects have given me the skills to understand the needs of students at Conestoga.
Here is my plan for how we can together make the vision of a better University a reality:

  • To realise Conestoga has the potential to be the leading educational force in Ontario and make it a reality in near future:
    • To organize events which involve the engagement of students from various colleges/Universities from Ontario province on a quarterly basis.
    • This helps us understand the needs of the students, mobilize ideas and also helps to stamp the presence of Conestoga
  • Hold Course-wise Meetings quarterly, to understand and solve student problems
  • Increase visibility of Student Engagement Programs:
    • Make the student-engagement programs more interesting and increasing the attendance by taking productive steps.
    • Advertise the programs extensively.
  • Co-ordination of Clubs:
    • Make the clubs more student friendly, intuitive and help them solve the Student needs and enhance student experience at College.
    • Lack of co-ordination of clubs might hurt the purpose, so making sure that all the Clubs work in tandem helping each other.
  • Increasing the prominence of Career-Hub:
    • Increasing the visibility and horizon of Career-Hub.
    • Holding meetings with the Final-Semester students on a regular basis in last semester and helping them with the latest job-opportunities.
    • Co-ordination with industries in Ontario to make them realise the prospective employment opportunities. This helps both the Industries and the students.

Brent Parke


  • be a strong voice to advocate on behalf of students
  • promote collaboration between academic programs through meet-and-greets and networking events
  • help students save money, for example, through the free textbook initiative
  • ensure what you do here truly counts


Hello, my name is Brent Parke, and I will be running for a position on Conestoga Students Inc.’s Board of Directors. I am a graduate of Conestoga College’s Construction Techniques (2011-2012) and Human Services Foundation (2017-2018) programs, and am currently enrolled in my first year of its Bachelors of Community and Criminal Justice (Honours) program. I also work part-time at the Service Hub at the Doon campus, which gives me a great opportunity to get to know students from other programs. I have a passion for helping people, which is why I returned to school to start a career in Community Services, why I enjoy my job so much, and why I am looking for ways to help to improve Conestoga College during my next three years of schooling. I also have experience advocating on behalf of others, which is something I plan to do for the students of Conestoga College I would represent if I am elected to the Board of Directors.

Erin Reid


  • cultivate community by celebrating diversity and inclusion
  • encourage collaboration between academic programs
  • increase connection between campuses


I am a student in the Bachelor of Environmental Public Health program, located on Doon campus. I enjoy volunteering, such as with the English Conversation Partner program through Student Engagement on campus. I sit on a number of committees, one being the Degree Culture Initiative.
I am currently employed as a ‘Career Peer’ at the Doon Career Hub, where I review fellow student’s resumes and offer resources for job search, interviews and other career related topics. I believe in advocating for student issues and being accountable to those I represent.
In my spare time I play intramural volleyball, attend conferences and drink lots of Chai tea.

Harshpreet Singh


  • increase social and study areas within the college
  • raise awareness of services available to students on campus
  • spread awareness of how important CSI is


Hello, my name is Harshpreet Singh. I am currently enrolled in the bachelor of public relations (honours) program at the Doon campus. This is my first time running for the elections and also my first year at the college. I am a passionate, enthusiastic and eager individual always ready to learn and grow. In the past year at Conestoga, I have learned skills in and out of the classroom that are so valuable in completing the college experience. If elected, I have some goals that I would like to fulfill, this would help increase the overall student experience and make the college a better place.
Shortage of sitting and study areas is a major problem at the college. Student life centre is a possible way of solving this problem, I heard about this idea at a student rep meeting and I want to built further on this idea. This would be great resource for the student population as they will have a place to connect, study and have fun. Lastly, the college has several useful services that the students are unaware about, I want to spread awareness and easy access to these resources. I also want to spread awareness about importance of CSI and what role they play in the college community.

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