Check out the platforms and campaign videos on this page to get to know the candidates before you cast your vote in the 2020/2021 CSI Board of Directors election.

Vote between March 16 and March 20!

Voting officially opens up on Monday, March 16. Be sure to cast your vote either online by checking your Conestoga College email or by filling out a paper ballot at the CSI Office on your campus. Whatever method you choose, make sure to cast your ballot by Friday, March 20 at 2:00pm.

Get to know the candidates of the 2020/2021 CSI Board of Directors election!

Remember, you can vote for a minimum of one candidate and a maximum of seven candidates to fill the seven director positions.

Paul Banks


  • Empower students to demand and expect more.
  • Help to make a change! Heard complaints, but no answers to solve problems.
  • Better parking, credit transfers, and more physical spaces for Waterloo Campus such as computer labs and meeting rooms.
  • My experience as a student, lecturer, and administrator gives me a unique perspective.

Tamara Cooper


  • I am inspired by my fellow Condors.
  • Confident and determined to listen to your voices and advocate on your behalf for change.
  • I am ambitious enough to bring a ray of sunshine to your campus!

Priyank Dalal


  • I am reliable, responsible, confident, respectful.
  • I have observed many challenges as a student and want to be the voice that advocates for positive change.
  • My goal is to help CSI provide students with a lifetime of memorable college experiences!
  • I have previous experience in event management and corporate exposure which will help me in this role.

Nisarg Dave


  • Truly a genuine, outcome-oriented and ownership accountable enthusiast who truly believes in “to hear first than to be heard.”
  • Hence if you are looking for a dynamic, passionate and trustworthy leader who is ready to devote his time in the betterment of student services at Conestoga College through: effective collaboration, coordination and cultivation.
  • Also on whom you have a faith that “no voice will get unheard.”

Don’t forget to vote!

Campaigning has officially begun, and voting is March 16-20. Cast your vote online by checking your Conestoga email, or come to the CSI office on your campus to fill out a paper ballot.

Pranav Gandhi


  • I am responsible for my actions and I will always stand by your side!
  • I am ready and confident to work for you, to understand the needs or troubles in order to deliver you with the most appropriate solution.
  • I am looking forward to using the start, stop, continue strategy about: what new things we can start; what should we stop doing; what we should continue to do.
  • Chance to engage myself with CSI in order to boost your student experience.

Revathy Jayakumar


  • I am currently the Campus Representative for Waterloo Campus.
  • Integral part of getting students involved around the campus.
  • Students feel I am a good listener and able to connect with them.
  • I have a positive attitude, I’m hard-working, and have a willingness to go above and beyond!

Gijo Mathew


  • We all have been deaf to others all these times. I would like to change by beginning a new culture where we listen to others and their problems.
  • Let’s come out of our shell, talk and connect with each other and enhance our student experience together!
  • I hope to connect clubs and events on campus by planning joined ventures to have a cultural exchange between us.

Sivani Pappu


  • Make sure students get the support they need on and off-campus.
  • Eliminate communication barriers.
  • Ensure students’ wellbeing physically, mentally and psychologically!


Poonam Rolla


  • Promote multicultural activities for students.
  • Improve the college experience by gathering student feedback.
  • Provide free or inexpensive shuttle services between campuses.

Chandeep Singh


  • I want to help international students with problems such as on-campus/off-campus jobs, and housing facilities on campus
  • I want to work for students because I’m very caring for the people around me, and it gives me satisfaction and contentment
  • I’m very confident, honest and a great listener so I can help any of the problems you put forward to the right authority in a very positive way!
  • I want to create more activities like snow tubing and games like cricket, which helps in creating good bonds with our fellow students and increases our mental strength for better studies.

Prabhjot Singh


  • Experience with various organizations like Google and Microsoft, helping staff gamify their learning journey and achieve their goals.
  • Want to work in the area of mental health, affordable housing and on/off-campus job opportunities
  • Serve students unbiased in any nature and create a better environment for Conestoga students!

Vaidehi Thakkar


  • Do you think your voice is not heard? Do you think some student life issues must be solved? We all have problems with transportation, workload management, events, mental peace and frustration.
  • Don’t you think together we can solve everything? The answer is yes!
  • I constantly strive for excellence wherever I go. By my skills and your power, we together will enhance the community of Conestoga.
  • I’m there for you!

Meet Your Primary Electoral Officer (PEO)

If you have questions about anything whatsoever in regards to the election, we invite you to contact your Primary Electoral Officer.