CSI’s Board of Director’s Elections are an important part of our organization.

They are the backbone of how we ensure the student voice is represented at Conestoga College.

Watch each of the videos below and complete the corresponding quiz

Basics of CSI and a Director’s role within it

In video 1 of module 1 we covered what CSI is and does, and how a director’s actions directly impacts Conestoga students.

Pre-Election 1.1

1. When was CSI created as an incorporated company?
2. In which semester does CSI's Board of Director's Elections take place?
3. Which is NOT a CSI service location?
4. True of False: CSI Fee Paying students are the ultimate owners of CSI.
5. What does CSI stand for?

CSI offers students a wide range of programs and services, we encourage you to learn more below!

Video 2: Board ENDS and Sub-ENDS

Video 3: Strategic Planning Process