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CSI’s Virtual Board Room

CSI’s Student Board of Directors meet monthly to discuss strategic direction and the business of the day.

Feedback Reports

Learn more about about Feedback Reports and Survey Results from CSI.

Governance Documents

Learn more about CSI's Strategic Plan, Bylaws, Policies and more.

What is Advocacy?

CSI’s Advocacy Department is committed to improving the student experience by developing data & research-driven solutions and empowering students to be change-makers within the Conestoga community.

Current Advocacy Efforts

CSI’s Advocacy Department is constantly working for you on issues that you’ve told us are important and essential to your student experience.

Academic Appeals

The academic appeal process is here to ensure that when you do not agree with an academic decision or grade, you have the ability to raise your concern in a timely, fair, and impartial manner.

Meet CSI’s Board of Directors

The CSI Board of Directors consists of a President, a Vice-President, and Directors who work together to ensure CSI is providing services, events, and advocacy that represents the wants and need

Annual General Meeting and Annual Report

CSI hosts an Annual General Meeting for our members. You aren’t just a student at Conestoga, you are a member of CSI, and because you are a member we have updates we need to share with you.