own your student experience
Educate yourself on your student experience through our CSI social media channels. Search Conestoga Students Inc on your app store, conestogastudents.com online and @CStudentsInc on social media. These are resources that are here to help and inform you about your student experience and how you can make the most of it.

Everyone is a member of the CSI community!

Anyone who is a CSI fee-paying student is a member of the CSI community! This gives you access to CSI’s support services and the choice to access CSI’s additional services to upgrade your student experience.

support your student experience
CSI’s support services are provided to all CSI fee-paying students focused around leadership and career development, academic support and health and wellness.

CSI fee-paying students have access to the following support services:

Academic Support:
  • programming
  • workshops
  • peer to peer support services
  • resources to improve academic success

Leadership & Career Development:
  • career related services and programming that provide professional and career skill development to support career readiness
Health & Wellness:
  • support services
  • health and wellness programming

Shuttle service:
  • shuttle travels a route to Doon, Cambridge, Residence and Waterloo campuses

upgrade your student experience
CSI provides additional services to all CSI fee-paying students if selected. Students have an opportunity to confirm these service fees on the invoice tab on the Student Portal or by purchasing them through our online store, coming soon.

CSI Events
CSI Student Clubs
CSI Advocacy

As a Conestoga student, you are able to access events and activities that are provided by CSI. We host a variety of events throughout the year that cater to our diverse student demographics and allow you to connect and have fun with your fellow Condors. From concerts, pub nights, comedy shows, trivia contests, and other pop culture events, there is no shortage of events taking place on campus.
Some benefits of this fee include:
  1. Early access ticket sales to ensure you’re not missing out (while supplies last)
  2. Discounted or free tickets for all premium events (while supplies last)
  3. Event perks/enhancements like transportation, coat check, apparel, VIP lounges and more (where applicable)

We’ve brought amazing talent to Conestoga like: Alessia Cara, Tokyo Police Club, Hollerado, Kardinal Offishall, Karl Wolf, and more!

We celebrate our diverse student population with events like our Diwali and Bollywood nights!

We believe that socializing is an immensely important part of the student experience, and providing events on campus is a great way to encourage this.

csi clubs

Start a club or join a club. Clubs help promote cultural and social groups at Conestoga College, fostering a sense of community and belonging. Clubs are a great way to meet new people, make friends, and be a part of something with fellow students who have similar interests.
What’s in it for me?
  1. Starting or joining a club with fellow Condors
  2. Participating in club events and activities
  3. Credit on Conestoga College’s Co-Curricular Record
  4. Funding and other support from CSI to help with the success of your Club


Being a part of club activities was the most incredible thing in my whole school experience. Not only could I continue my hobby even after I left my home country, but I could also meet amazing friends who I could share my interests with.

Lucy Kim

Without clubs and societies, my first year wouldn’t have been the same. Every club I joined welcomed me in with open arms! I gained the confidence to start my own club and it’s been the most rewarding experience ever!

Gelayel Samii

CSI has benefited my student experience by giving me leadership opportunities, and allowing me to represent my fellow students.

Kris Chinn

Being involved in the CSI clubs and societies program is so rewarding! Among other things, it provides you an opportunity to develop relationships with amazing people outside of your program, gain/improve social skills, and grow/evolve in your area of interest. The experiences that this program provides will shape you into being a better you!

Heather Firlotte

For the past two years as a student at Conestoga College, I have had the wonderful opportunity to learn practical new skills such as how to be a great leader, how to budget my time and finances, and how to make long lasting connections. Thanks to the many events and workshops organized by CSI, I’ve been able to develop a balance in play and work life, and have succeeded in a purposeful and enjoyable student life.

Nurhidayah Shamalisham


The advocacy fee includes the betterment of CSI and the representation of the student voice. This, in turn, allows for direct and critical student feedback on the overall student experience at Conestoga.

The student voice is not a choice!

What’s in it for me?
  1. The chance to participate and advocate for student feedback minded programs like Campus Rep and the CSI Board of Directors
  2. Student representation

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