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CSI has assembled this web resource to help you navigate services that are available to you through the campus closures due to COVID-19.

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CSI support services

CSI Events

Engage with us online

We are hosting online events through our social media channels and through Zoom to offer you quality, premium entertainment while you are studying from home. Everyone can participate in events, but only students who have paid the CSI events fee are eligible to win the awesome prizes we are offering all semester long.

Stay tuned to our social media channels, mobile app and web calendar to stay up to date with what’s going on.

Check out our events calendar and join in!

Through this semester, our events are being hosted through our social media channels. Keep up to date with ways you can join in and own your student experience!

Events Calendar

Check out our online calendar for more information on our regular events like:

  1. Tuesday Game Day
  2. Late at 8 Tutorials
  3. CSI Live
  4. Talent Showcase

Get Involved

  • CSI’s Board of Directors

    The CSI Board of Directors (or BOD) is here to represent you as a student during your time here at Conestoga. See something you like? Let us know! See something that needs improving? Tell us! We are here to make sure that your college experience is the best it can be.

    Learn how to get involved

    Learn more about the board



  • CSI’s Student Rep Program

    The Student Rep program was created to establish a link between the students of Conestoga College and their Student Association, Conestoga Students Inc. This program acts as a two-way communication platform where student reps will have the opportunity to voice ideas, concerns and feedback on behalf of their classmates, while acting as an ambassador of CSI by delivering news back to students.
    Learn how to get involved



  • CSI’s International Student Advisory Council

    The purpose of this council is to gain the knowledge and feedback required to continuously better our International Students experience. The student members of this council provide feedback on their experiences on a variety of pertinent topics (coming to Canada, events at Conestoga, etc.) and this feedback is passed to the college. Student volunteers will also receive education on the college and their Canadian experience, and will receive team bonding opportunities.
    Learn how to get involved



  • CSI Clubs

    Make sure to connect to others and create or join a physically distanced community through similar interests. Keep up your motivation and connect with your peers through clubs.

    Learn more about clubs
    Learn more about current clubs



Academic Supports

  • Library Services

    • Teach Me Tech
    • Accessibility Supports (Virtual)

    Off-campus Resources
    • Online Resources (Ebooks, Article Databases, Online media and Videos, Copyright compliant images, Standards and Codes, Other Resources Types)
    • Online Help (Email and Chat, Online Consultations, Self-Serve Resources)
    • Renewing Materials
    • COVID-19 Information and Supports

    Virtual Workshops
    • Public Events Such as (EXCEL: Formula and Functions, Revising Your Paper, Citing referencing Your Work, Productivity Tips and Tricks with Chrome Browser Extensions)

    Teach me Tech
    Get Our Apps
    • Libby by Overdrive
    • OREILLY Safarri
    • Pressreader

    Writing and Citing

    Get Help
    • Ask Us
    • Online Tutorials
    • Research Topic Guides
    • Writing and Citing
    • Tech Help from Tech Tutors
    • Copyright & Academic Integrity



  • eConestoga

    • ePortfolio
    • Student Support
    • eConestoga Guide (Syncing Gmail calendar with eConestoga, Student reference, Syncing with eConestoga)
    • Link (Learn to study with your eText in Texidium app)
    • eConestoga Support
    • Phone: 519-748-5220 x 3187



  • Academic Integrity

    Academic Integrity
    • Types of Academic Incidents (Citing & Referencing Omissions, Plagiarism, Cheating, etc.)
    • Procedure for Academic Incidents
    • Penalties for Academic Incidents
    • Student Support
    • Turnintin Tips for Students
    • Acknowledging Sources
    • Study Strategies & Time Management
    • Faculty Support
    • Test Your Knowledge
    • Academic Integrity Action Plan



  • Printing Services

Non-Academic Supports

  • Student Support

    o Mental Health
    o Medical Care
    o Counselling
    o Emergency and Crisis Care
    o Health Insurance
    o Academic Testing and Accommodation
    o Services and Supports
    o Tutoring
    o Transition
    o Related Services & Resources
    o Career Advice
    o Job search
    o Career events

    • Student Self-Referral Form

    • Condor Cash (accepted form of payment for purchase)
    • Bookstore
    • Library fees

    • INSTANT CHAT (weekly/monthly schedule)
    • Research help
    • Tech How-to Assistance – Instant Chat
    • International Tech Support
    • Writing Service Drop-Ins
    • Accessibility Advising
    • Learning Skills Advising
    • Counselling & Peer Support
    • Medical Care Clinics
    • Math Consultations
    • Research Consultations
    • Tech How-to Assistance – Consultations
    • Writing Consultations

    • Student Rights
    • Student Responsibilities
    • Finding Resolution
    • Informal Resolution
    • Formal Resolution
    • Contact to discuss confidentially about: Interpersonal disputes; Disruptive student behaviour; Barriers to access and inclusion; etc.



  • Housing

    • Live off campus
    • Places4Students.com
    • Live on campus
    • Conestoga Residence



  • Student Financial Services

    Student Financial Services
    • Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)
    • Canada Apprenticeship Loan
    • Student Assistance Bursary
    • Awards, Bursaries & Scholarships
    • Giving to Student Awards
    • Accessibility Registered Students
    • Financial Emergency
    • Work Study



  • Student Engagement

    Student Engagement
    Get Involved
    o English Conversation Partners
    o English Conversation Circles
    o Student Committees
    o Connect Leadership Workshops
    o Orientation Leaders
    o Paid Leadership Opportunities
    o Diversity and Inclusion
    o LGBTQ2+
    o Indigenous Education
    o Communication
    o Related Community Supports

    o Connect Leadership Workshops
    o Conestoga Student Inc
    o Student Engagement
    o Orientation
    o Athletics and Recreation
    o School of Health & Life Sciences
    o College Anti Sigma Initiative (CASI)
    Attend Events
    o Public Events such as (Virtual Yoga Class, Conversation Café)
    Track Involvement




Other Resources

  • Canada Student Grants and Loans

    The Canada Student Financial Assistance Program offers student grants and loans to full-time and part-time students. Grants and loans help students pay for their post-secondary education.

    More information can be found here.

  • International Students

    With a study permit you are typically allowed to work off-campus up to max. 20 hours per week during the academic session; however, you are temporarily allowed to work more than 20 hours if you are:
    • a study permit holder in an academic session;
    • eligible to work off campus; and
    • providing an essential service.
    Learn more here

    If your study/work permit has not expired:
    • If you are no longer working/studying, apply to change your status to “visitor”
    • If you need to continue working/studying, apply to extend your work permit or study permit

    Work permits
    Study Permits
    If your study/work permit has expired within the last 90 days, apply to restore your status as a:
    • visitor
    • student
    • worker
    More information can be found here.



  • Personal Essentials Resources

    Prior to your arrival in Canada, you will need to have a plan for your personal essentials including food, toiletries, medications and all other personal necessities during your Mandatory 14-Day Quarantine as you will not be able to go out in the community to purchase food during this time. Below you will find a variety of helpful options and resources to consider in your quarantine planning.

    Please note:
    •The websites & food resources below have been provided to support your quarantine planning, however, are not affiliated with or monitored by Conestoga College.
    •Electronic payment will be required for many of the below services, cash may not be accepted.

    Conestoga Quarantine Essentials Plan




Save money on Groceries

Sobeys, Zehrs, Value Mart and Food Basics all have Student discount days. All you must do is visit one of these grocery stores during their allotted student day and show your ONEcard. Discounts are ranging from 10%-20% off.

  1. Sobeys: Student Discount days Tuesday to Thursday;
  2. Zehrs: Tuesdays;
  3. Value Mart: Tuesdays
SPC Card
SPC (Student Price Card) is a great place to get deals and additional savings specifically tailored to student’s needs! Please visit the SPC website to learn more
Flipp is also a good app to use to see where the best deals for your favourite foods and grocery items. You can then price match items on sale at participating stores.
Honey is a great chrome extension that automatically applies the best promo codes and coupons to your cart and gives you points for shopping online. These points can be converted into gift cards for select stores.

Have at least one ‘no-spend’ day each week

Having a no-spend day is both incredibly simple and surprisingly difficult. When you stop to think about it, you probably spend money on at least one thing every day, even if it’s as small as a bus fare or a small snack while you’re out and about.
Exercise some self-restraint and try to have at least one no-spend day each week (pay for travel if it’s absolutely necessary – otherwise, walk or bike). It’ll take some forward planning (like packing a lunch or pumping up your bike tires), but the psychological impact of learning not to spend money even on one day should mean you become a lot more careful with it in the long term!


You can eat a variety of healthy foods every day to feel good and maintain your health, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Conestoga College, Conestoga Students Inc, Region of Waterloo, The Government of Canada offers resources on healthy eating habits and meal planning.

Region of Waterloo
Government of Canada


Do you want to stay or become physically active, but you don’t know how, especially in this period of uncertainty and change brought on by Social distancing?

If you answered “yes”, you should definitely read the following blog post based on guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO). You may have limited space at home, but you can still be active.

Learn more

Here are tips to be active and reduce sedentary behaviours while at home during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Did you know that there are online fitness classes?

For example, Conestoga Students Inc and Conestoga Athletics offer a variety of free events that allow us to move in a lot of ways. Check out the calendars for an upcoming event

Take a walk around the block

Walking is already an integral part of our daily life. Despite the context we are facing at the moment, we can increase our number of steps at any time by walking around our house (e.g., during a phone call), going up and down stairs, walking in our neighborhood (making sure to maintain at least a 2-meter distance from other people), etc.

Try to stand when studying or working

It is possible to work in a stand-up position by setting up a standing desk using a high table, your kitchen counter or getting an adjustable stand to help lift your computer.

Remember to do some stretching exercises and try balance training

Stretching and balance exercises can positively influence our physical health (e.g., flexibility) and therefore improve our ability to carry out our daily activities; try not to underestimate their importance!

Doing any activity is better than nothing at all

For example, we can dance to our favourite upbeat music a few minutes, play active video games, perform household chores, etc.
Are you interested in simple and enjoyable physical activities with your family and friends?
CSI Offers several clubs that cater to Biking, yoga and meditation.

Find your own motivation

Motivation will be different for everyone. Finding your motivation will be important to continuing working out.

To remember…

It is important to do only the exercises that match our abilities (some exercise adjustments may be necessary) and to gradually introduce physical activities into our routine to avoid injury.

Don’t forget…