CSI and Reconciliation

CSI is committed to paving the way to reconciliation not only within the college but within the region as well, and we stand in solidarity with the 1.67 million Indigenous peoples across Canada (made up of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis).

To do this, we have collected resources to help our students understand the complex and long-lasting relationship between settlers and the Indigenous Peoples of Canada. Use this webpage as tool for education and amplification.

Join us for Indigenous History Month in June 2023!

Be-Dah-Bin Gamik Services

If you are a student looking for additional resources or support, Be-Dah-Bin Gamik Services is here for you!


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Become a Member of the Indigenous Circle

Are you an Indigenous student attending Conestoga College? Are you interested in making an impact on your Conestoga College community? Do you want to help shape CSI and Be-Dah-Bin Gamik’s current and future student programs and supports?

If you answered yes, apply to join the Indigenous Circle, a working group for Indigenous students at Conestoga College!

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A land acknowledgement is a formal statement to recognize the unique and enduring relationship that exists between Indigenous Peoples and their traditional territories. The Conestoga College community acknowledges that we are on the traditional territory of the Anishnawbe (Ah-nish-nah-bay), Haudenosaunee (Ho-deh-no-show-nee) and Neutral peoples.

We encourage you to learn about the traditional lands you are located on as we study virtually across Canada and the world!


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