The CSI Spiritual Room is a non-denominational, gender-neutral place that serves as a quiet sanctuary for prayer, meditation or silent, peaceful reflection.

General Guidelines:

  1. Spiritual rooms are open during regular Conestoga campus hours.
  2. The Spiritual Room is a scent-free space. Please do not put air fresheners in this room.
  3. The Spiritual Room is not to be used to study or sleep.
  4. Do not move the furniture or partitions. Moving furniture and partitions is a safety hazard and will result in the loss of individual usage of The Spiritual Room.
  5. Group prayer is not permitted in The Spiritual Room.
  6. Please do not leave any personal belongings in The Spiritual Room. Any items left in this room will be taken to Security for Lost & Found.

Where can I find The Spiritual Room on my campus?

*Reminder: Spiritual rooms are open regular during Conestoga campus hours.

Doon Campus

Located in Room 2A135

Cambridge Campus

Located in Room A2207

Waterloo Campus

Located in Room 2G24

Guelph Campus

Located in Room C1

Reuter Campus

Located in Rooms 1035 and 1036

Downtown Kitchener Campus

Located in Room 146
(including the individual rooms inside the space)

For questions or inquiries, please reach out to CSI’s Campus Service Manager.