Annual General Meeting

CSI is hosting our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Thursday October 19 at 6:30pm in The Venue. We encourage all students to come out and participate to learn what your student association was up to in 2016/2017.

Dinner provided for all who come and participate

Dinner will be catered from The Venue’s brand new menu featuring great food that you can order from The Venue all year long.

Can’t attend? No problem!

Fill out a proxy form ahead of time to let your voice be heard. Look for your Board of Directors in the halls for an opportunity to submit a proxy before the AGM on October 19. Don’t forget to download the supporting documents found below to learn more about what will be covered at this year’s Annual General Meeting.

Conestoga Students Inc AGM: Annual General Meeting

conestoga students inc annual report 16/17

csi is conestoga college's official student association

Greetings, Condors!

Thank you for discovering our 2016/2017 Annual Report. This web page is intended to showcase the various accomplishments, usage milestones and service enhancements made by Conestoga Students Inc. in the 2016/2017 academic school year. We have presented this report in a format in which we hope you find interesting and thought provoking to explore.
With 8 core services, 14,000+ student members and multiple channels to collect student feedback, Conestoga Students Inc. is always growing and changing to meet your diverse needs. We hope you enjoy the content below and we also hope you have a chance to attend the AGM on October 19, 2017 @ 6:30pm in The Venue!

CSI’s Student Board of Directors

CSI’s Student Board of Directors 2016/2017


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the venue logo

relaunch of the venue

Goodbye, Sanctuary… Hello to The Venue!

Conestoga Students Inc. has always had a vision of being able to provide an on campus restaurant and bar and in 2016 significant progress was made in the re-launch of our student lounge, The Sanctuary. In 2016, CSI unveiled The Venue!
furniture from in the venue

CSI’s main student space was completely renovated with an expanded bar and operating hours and new furniture and seating from Lush Woodcraft that features reclaimed wood and live edging for a great new and rustic aesthetic.
Redesigned from the ground up with new flooring, paint, lighting and various seating features.
The Venue continued to be CSI’s main student space to host special events and performances. CSI also introduced weekly programming like Trivia Tuesday and Live Music Thursday to help draw a regular crowd.

Learn more about The Venue’s restaurant component by clicking the link.

CSI Spaces

ATS Building Lounge Renovation

ats lounge image
Through student feedback and strong representation from the CSI Board of Directors, the students in the ATS building were provided a fabulous new student lounge that provides a great space to relax while on break. New seating and lounge furniture, gaming equipment, a foosball table and pool table has made the ATS Lounge a great destination for all students.
images of the ats lounge reveal
CSI provides and maintains furniture on all campuses like the Den, the F-Wing Agora and the Cave at Cambridge campus. This year, we added seating to the Landing, SLC group work rooms, and the ATS building.
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CSI Services

Our diverse and rapidly growing membership continues to express new areas in which CSI can lend support.

the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers, Ralph Nader

Life Skills Workshops

Our Leadership service, in 2016, introduced a new program called Life Skills Workshops where students could attend one time sessions to educate themselves on various personal and professional skills like; personal branding, resume development, income tax clinics, the landlord tenant act and more.

37 clubs registered. 29 were new clubs, 8 clubs returned. 2 societies registered. 55 events hosted by CSI clubs & societies. Drama club produced 2 original plays. Best attended events: LGBTQ= social night, Welding association eventing, Sikh turban tying event.

Leadership Ambassadors

50 students participated in the Leadership Ambassador program. These students participated in personal and professional development opportunities that followed the Social Change Model for Leadership Development. Major focuses included personal growth, group values, and community connection.

Global Service Leadership

Our annual Global Service Leadership trip took 9 students to San Jose, Costa Rica for a week long construction project. Our CSI student leaders were responsible for various projects to enhance a rehabilitation centre for girls aged 12-18.

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Record Setting Voter Turnout!

With a strengthened relationship formed between CSI and Conestoga I.T., the 2016/2017 Board of Directors Election facilitated a record number of votes. With a reliable and approachable voting process being established, CSI saw 1,000+ student cast their ballot through e-Conestoga.

voting. 1446 votes total, 1040 online votes, 406 paper ballots

election results: Aimee Calma, CSI President, Justin McLaughlin, Vice President Internal. Brittany Greig, Vice President External. Directors: Sweetha Chinnu, Porter Oleson, Scot Wyles, Harjot Singh Komal, Anmolpreet Singh, Kevin Lewis, Roberta Elsaifi.

do you have safe student housing?

Safe Student Housing Program

Many students, when beginning their studies at Conestoga, are living on their own for the first time. Roommates, by-laws and the landlord tenant act can be a lot to take in. Through strengthened relationships between the CSI’s Board of Directors and the City of Kitchener, the Safe Student Housing program was created.

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food support

The Venue

CSI completely renovated the main student space and renamed it The Venue.
For more information on this CSI space, click the link below.
More Information

the venue menu

The Venue Menu

In the winter semester of 2016, CSI and Chartwells partnered to roll out a pilot program that offered menu items from The Venue bar. Students were treated to a menu featuring popular dishes like buffalo chicken fingers, taco salads, pub style appetizers and classics like the chicken parm sandwich. This pilot program proved the concept that students were ready for a restaurant on campus. The Venue has since gone on to become a full table service restaurant in 2017!
venue menu items
Food Bank. CSI continues to support the growing student population at Conestoga though our Food Bank. 40 average users in 2016. 82 average users in 2017. 105% increase!

Cross Department Food Drive

CSI hosted a Conestoga College department food drive that collected over 450 items!
Conestoga College logo

Free Fruit Program

The Free Fruit Program was introduced on a bi-weekly basis at Doon, Cambridge, Guelph and Waterloo. On our fastest day, all fruit had been consumed by our students in 6 hours!
In 2017/2018, this program was increased to weekly deliveries to help meet the demand.

Free food at events. CSI hosted 162 events that featured free food last year!CSI hosted 162 events that featured free food last year!
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Shuttle Service Usage

Regardless of the substantial commuter population at Conestoga College, the CSI Shuttle continues to serve a large portion of the student membership. In 2016/2017, the CSI Shuttle served 99,150 riders.

Varsity Shuttle Charter

In efforts to support the Conestoga Varsity program since the relaunch of the Conestoga Student Rec Centre, the CSI Shuttle was brought in as a major partner to safely transport our student athletes to games around the province.
softball, soccer, volleyball, badminton, rugby, cross country and basketball were all represented through these chartered trips.

shuttle image

shuttle stats. 100,000 Kilometers travelled since service first started. about ⅓ The distance to the moon! 3001 Kilometers travelled on varsity trips. 18 Chartered trips
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student care logo
2016 introduced StudentCare, one of the leading student health and dental care providers nationwide, to the CSI student membership. With numerous and flexible “change of coverage” options, affordable care and fabulous customer service, CSI is confident in the plan that StudentCare continues to provide.
change of coverage, Change of coverage allows for opting in dependants, part time students and international students. Usage Stats: 8395 Students were covered under the health plan last year; 90 Students enrolled their dependants; 558 Cases resolved through the Member Services Centre.
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2016/2017 saw the introduction of Athletics Scholarships valued at $50,000 over 5 years

With returning programs like the Educational Fund, new partnerships with WagJag and the introduction of an Athletics Scholarships valued at $50,000 over 5 years.
The CSI funding service saw very strong participation in 2016/2017.

Awards recipients

International Academic Excellence Award
  • Aneez Bashorun
  • Marijan Blazevic
  • Mateus Gurgel
  • Baljinder Singh Jassar
  • Soochang Kim
  • Rishin Pandikadan
  • Gonzalo Esteban Ramos Zuniga
  • Arunjeev Singh
  • Ian Christopher Teves
  • Jorge Vieira Da Silva Neto
International Athletic Achievement Award
  • Jose Carlos Perez Villaro
  • Josue Tomas Cascales
CSA Student Leadership Scholarship
  • Allyssa Wein
Neil Aitchison CSI Leadership Scholarship
  • Oladipupo Ajiroba
  • Andy Chea
  • Christina Kumornik
  • Dianne Piluk
International Student Service Award
  • Gurpal Singh Bhatia
  • Irene Omoigui
  • Michael Sajuyigbe
  • Bit Na Won
International Community Achievement Award
  • Mansi Baxi
  • Deepinder Pessi

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Service Hub

On average, over 6200 students are visiting CSI Service Hubs every month for printing, scanning, copying, laminating and ticket purchases.

Service Hubs are available at Doon, Cambridge, Guelph and Waterloo.

The CSI lend program continues to expand its reach with an average of 304 students using the service every month.
Usage stats: 49,600 Uses every year; 6,200 Uses every month. Lend Program: 304 Students utalize the Lend Program on average; 73% of total usage comes from Cambridge campus; 130+ Items can be borrowed though the lend program.

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Diwali Festival

CSI hosted our first sold out Diwali event in October 2016 with over 200 in attendance. With the success of this event, CSI is excited to bring Diwali to a larger venue in 2017.

The Den

The Den, CSI’s Doon campus gaming lounge, had an average of 2,300+ students visit, game and relax every month.

diwali event photo

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cliff the mascot posing with three students

Cliffy the Condor

With a dedicated and ambitious mascot performer now on the communications team, Cliffy the Condor appeared at 60+ events in 2016/2017 including;

  • Guelph Storm Mascot Bash
  • Brantford Santa Claus Parade
  • Aboriginal Pow Wow
  • Varsity Nights
  • The Conestoga Career Fair
  • Conestoga Open House

The CSI communications team went all in on video production in 2016/2017 with weekly content for social media. Social media continued to see significant growth through our annual t-shirt giveaway.Students are encouraged to follow CSI on social media for a free shirt. Annually this proves to be an effective way of sharing the CSI brand and growing our online audience. CSI was invited into 60+ classrooms to offer presentations on our services, deadlines, get involved opportunities and upcoming events.
comms infographic. 64 Unique videos produced, 22000+ total viewership. 1,800+ New Facebook friends, 7,000+ Total followers. 590+ New Followers, 4,000+ Total followers. 1,800+ New friends on Instagram, 3,000+ Total followers. 782 Snapchat friends, NEW! First year on this platform. 60+ Classroom presentations.

red rhino logo

The Re-Launch of! launched with our new web partner Red Rhino from London, Ontario. Over 150 news posts in our first year!

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college student alliance logo
CSI is a member organization of the College Student Alliance, a provincial based advocacy group who represent on behalf of Ontario college students in partnership with student leaders. Through their member student associations, they represent the collective voice of Ontario’s college students.


Click the link below to download a copy of CSI’s 2016/2017 Financial Statement.
Financial Statements
Find more supporting documentation here: