Annual General Meeting

CSI is hosting our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Thursday October 11 at 7:00pm in The Venue. We encourage all students to come out and participate to learn what your student association was up to in 2017/2018.

Dinner provided by The Venue at 6:30pm for all who come and participate.

Can’t attend? No problem!

Fill out a proxy form ahead of time to let your voice be heard. Look for your Board of Directors in the halls for an opportunity to submit a proxy before the AGM on October 11. Don’t forget to download the supporting documents found below to learn more about what will be covered at this year’s Annual General Meeting.

Greetings, Condors!

Thank you for taking the time to read our 2017/2018 Annual Report. This web page is designed with the intention of communicating and demonstrating the various accomplishments, statistical milestones and service enhancements made by Conestoga Students Inc. in the 2017/2018 academic school year. We have presented this report in a format in which we hope you find engaging to explore.
With 8 core services, 14,000+ student members and multiple channels to collect student feedback, Conestoga Students Inc. is always growing and changing to meet your diverse needs. We hope you enjoy the content below and we also hope you have a chance to attend the AGM on October 11, 2018 in The Venue!

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board of directors

CSI’s Student Board of Directors 2017-2018


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faculty strike

The strike in October and November 2017 was the longest strike that Conestoga College went through. After five weeks of a break in programming, classes and events in general, the student population across Ontario were ready to return to class and finish their studies. During this time, CSI’s Communications team was carefully following updates from the College Student Alliance (CSA) and relaying them to Conestoga students through the website and on Facebook.

CSA’s advocacy efforts earned international media reach averaged at 101.04 million. This includes television outlets such as interviews with CBC News Network, CTV’s Your Morning, City TV’s Breakfast Television, CP24, Global News, and interviews with print media including the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, National Post and many more local papers and radio stations.

Based on student feedback, CSI facilitated renovations to three major student spaces in 2017-2018.

Guelph campus cafeteria

Guelph lounge

After receiving student feedback in favour of an update to the Guelph Lounge and Cafeteria, official processes to put this into action started to take place in the new year. In March 2018, CSI revealed a brand new lounge to the Guelph student population that provides a great space for students to relax, eat and break in between classes. New seating, booths, game systems and a pool table has enhanced the space overall and has made the Guelph Lounge an exciting and relaxing space for students.

Woodworking lounge

The Woodworking Lounge was a much anticipated project for the school year. In September 2017, CSI revealed the lounge to students. The space features new seating, tables, lighting and wood paneling on the walls. The new space is a sanctuary for students in the Woodworking Lounge to relax, study, eat and break in between or after classes.

woodworking lounge

Den reopening

The Den is one of the most popular spaces for students to hang out between classes, play some games and relax with friends. It reopened in September with new floors, a new retro game, a decal and more. Students can enjoy more variety in their game selection and more seating in this upgraded lounge space.

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community outreach

Santa Claus Parades

This year CSI participated in multiple local Santa Claus parades in the city locations of its campuses. These parades took place in Waterloo, Cambridge and Brantford, where we brought our shuttle and multiple part-timers that dressed up for the occasion. We showed off our brand and participated and engaged in our local school communities.

Polar Plunge

Polar Plunge is an annual tradition for CSI. This year CSI celebrated its 37th annual plunge which reached a peak attendance of 350 attendees with multiple news outlets coming out on the day including CTV News Kitchener, 107.5 Dave Rocks and more.

Marwan Tabbara Free Throw Event

This year we hosted our first ever community outreach event featuring local politician and MP Marwan Tabbara on April 11. The event was a free throw competition where students would pay $5 to participate in a free throw competition. For every basket a student would get, they would receive a ballot they had to fill out. Every ballot was an entry for them to potentially win a free tuition credit. There were 250 participants on the day at the contest, and 500-750 participants at the free barbecue. Several student spectators and multiple members of the media were present including CTV News Kitchener.

CSI Service Hub


Yellow is for Hello campaign

The CSI board did its first ever video campaign for Yellow is for Hello, which is an initiative that stands up against bullying. In order to enter the contest, student associations had to create a music video to a song with a great message. The winner of the contest would get a “friendship bench” for their school. CSI along with three other student associations across Canada were selected as top four finalists after their video submission.


Legal protection referendum

Student Care has a legal protection plan and a referendum was held in January 2018 for Conestoga’s student population to decide if this was something they wanted to move forward with. This plan covers students housing rights (including rent and lease issues), employment issues (including contract issues and harassment) and academic rights (including appeals and suspensions). It also gives students access to a toll-free helpline, through which a lawyer will give free info on any legal situation. This referendum passed.

Waterloo Capital Development referendum

Waterloo Capital Development referendum was put in place for students at the campus in Waterloo to enjoy the new amenities and enhancements being made at the Waterloo campus. This includes the construction of a new atrium, a new wing on campus, new furniture, flooring, hallways and more. This referendum also passed among the student population.

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Wellness Office services

CSI’s Wellness Office, located in the Conestoga Students Rec Centre, not only administrates the CSI Health Plans, but offers on site health care services as well. Our Registered Massage Therapist made 747 treatments, our Chiropractor made 1,174 treatments, and new this year, our Physiotherapist made 715 treatments.


The Wellness Office in the Rec Centre offers Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Services, and this year Physio was added as a service for students and faculty that need relief for injury, pains and ailments. This was decided after the board collected student feedback on a new service to add to expand and enhance the Wellness Office services.

Wellness Office gift pack promo

The Wellness Office reached pivotal success this year in terms of the number of appointments made with massage therapy, chiro and physio. This in part was due to the gift pack promotion we held in July, November and March to promote the services offered in the Wellness Office. When students booked their first appointment, they got a wellness gift pack equipped with a scented candle, a bottle of water, a loofah and an eos lip balm. This helped in driving traffic to the Wellness Office as students, staff and faculty wanted to take advantage of receiving the free gift pack.

On the Spot Pharmacy

After collecting student feedback, another service students wanted to see added to the Wellness Office was a pharmacy. CSI installed an On the Spot Pharmacy machine in the Lower Atrium right outside of the Medical Care Clinic for students to purchase anything from over the counter drugs like allergy pills to prescription medication like birth control or anti-depressants.

StudentCare International Plan

With the consistently growing international student population here at Conestoga, CSI took over administration of the Conestoga International Health Insurance Plan (CIHIP). This was introduced as being available to students in March 2018, and CSI was the first student association in Canada to administrate this plan to its students. CIHIP is mandatory for international students that have moved to Canada. International students will have access to the CSI Extended Health and Dental Plan.
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Global Service Leadership Domestic Trip

This year the GSL trip did its first ever domestic getaway. After heading south to Guatemala in February, a team comprised of new students went out west to Banff, Alberta to participate in a wildlife tracking and trail report volunteer project in coordination with Parks Canada. The team consisted of 12 students, two leadership staff that coordinated the trip and two staff selected for a professional development opportunity.

Clubs and Societies

With the growing population of summer students at Conestoga, there was a need to open up clubs to students that were lingering on campus in the summer months to keep them involved, entertained and busy. We had 3 societies in addition to the 37 clubs. 21 Were returning clubs 16 were new!
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The Venue

The Venue was officially made into a full-service bar and restaurant and independent kitchen in September 2017. Daily food and beverage specials were offered, weekly programming including Trivia Tuesday and Live Music Thursday were present throughout the entire year and it had its own menu consisting of pub favourites like buffalo chicken fingers, poutine, burgers and more along with some international dishes like butter chicken curry.

Breakfast offered

The Venue dove head first into the world of breakfast food with the creation and implementation of a breakfast menu and programming in January 2018. Starting at 8 am from Monday-Friday, breakfast sandwiches, pancakes, and breakfast favourites including eggs and bacon were offered for a limited time.

Food bank

Continuing with the trend, Food Bank usage has increased once again. Average monthly usage during the 2017-2018 school year was 120 food parcels, up from 72 per month in 2016-2017 and 72 per month in 2015-2016.
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The Service Hub is one of the most utilized CSI services. Service Hubs are available at Doon, Cambridge, Guelph and Waterloo throughout the year. On average, 3,999 users per month go through the Service Hub to use printing, scanning, copying, laminating and ticket purchases.
The Lend Program is a big feature of the Service Hub. Students are able to borrow common items like calculators, hard hats and measuring tapes that are required for their studies. Last year 1,740 items were lent out, with 66% of this activity coming from Cambridge campus.

Free Printing

One of the main additions to the Service Hub which helped in making it more attractive to students was the free $60 printing credit added to each student’s ONE Card at the beginning of each semester. This allowed students to print for free until their credit ran out, then they’d upload their ONE Card with more money towards printing.
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The CSI Shuttle continues to serve a large portion of the local student membership despite the growing commuter population at Conestoga College. In 2017/2018 alone, there were 112,944 shuttle riders. That’s almost 14,000 more passengers than 2016/2017, which is especially impressive considering the shuttle service was not active during the 6 weeks of the strike.

Extended service

For the first time, CSI’s shuttle service operated during the spring semester of 2017 at reduced hours to great success. Additionally, the hours of service were extended to 8:00pm in the winter semester in response to the extended hours of regular class time.

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Award Recipients

CSI’s Annual Awards Banquet was held at the Waterloo Region Museum where awards of excellence were presented to the following recipients:

International Academic Excellence Award

  • Min Jeong Kim
  • Harsh Ashish Shah
  • Ji Hong Ahn
  • Tran Ngoc Phuong Dang
  • Peter Delaney
  • Huu Tat Dat Hoang
  • Ji Hee Kim
  • Jaison Joseph Manitharavely
  • Gonzalo Esteban Ramos Zuniga
  • Vikas Verma

International Athletic Achievement Award

  • Maria Eduardo Santos
  • Jose Carlos Perez Villaro

Neil Aitchison CSI Leadership Scholarship

  • Victoria Bertrand
  • Tiffany Diamond
  • Tobechi Emerenini
  • Trevor Williamson

CSI Academic Excellence Award

  • Kaitlyn Becker
  • Ashley Zell
  • Jing Zhou
  • Mackenzie Carroll
  • Sarah Rehan

Conestoga Students Inc. Athletic Scholarship

  • Serguei Savich
  • Lorena Tasedan
  • Wesley Lau
  • Derek Veenstra
  • Taya Ambrose
  • Brittany Bell
  • Rick Medeiros
  • Katelyn Vongunten
  • Megan White
  • Tyler Nicol

Student Service Award

  • Oliveah Friesen
  • Flor Ponciano
  • Lukasz Jach

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CSI hosts events at the four main campuses, Doon, Cambridge, Guelph and Waterloo as well as three satellite campuses, Ingersoll, Brantford and Schlegel. in 2017-2018, we hosted 242 events in total, 118 at Doon, 40 at Cambridge, 30 at Guelph, 28 at Waterloo, and 5 at each satellite campus. We tallied an approximate total of 28,319 attendees for an average of 117 students at every event.

Diwali at Bingemans

The Diwali event is one of our most well attended events at Conestoga College given our large international student population. In 2016/17, it was held in The Venue, but after the event sold out we chose to host it off campus at Bingemans Conference Centre. It sold out within the first couple of days of tickets being offered, and students enjoyed traditional song, dance, music, performers and attire.

Welcome Back Concert

CSI hosted its first concert in six years with the Welcome Back Concert featuring Kardinal Offishall and Karl Wolf in September. It was a very successful turn out, with 741 tickets being sold to students and the event was featured in the Kitchener Record. The concert, along with other efforts during Frosh Week, raised an outstanding $4,300 towards Shinerama.

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We shared 46 custom made social media videos a total of 97 times on Facebook for the year. Our Facebook friends increased by 1,800 for a total of 8,400+. Twitter followers increased by 670 followers for a total of 4,700+. Instagram friends increased by 1,800 for a total of 3,000+ friends. And Snapchat increased by 1,200 friends for a total of 1,900+.

Brand ambassadors

This year we introduced brand ambassadors for all of our CSSI services (the Wellness Office, The Venue and Pita Pit). Our SWAT (student welcome ambassador team) comprised of part-time employees would wear the shirt of the service they were promoting and would move to various locations around the school in the effort to raise awareness, have more of a campus presence and promote our services. This helped in driving traffic to all of our CSSI services.
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college student alliance logo
CSI is a member organization of the College Student Alliance, a provincial based advocacy group who represent on behalf of Ontario college students in partnership with student leaders. Through their member student associations, they represent the collective voice of Ontario’s college students.


Financial Statements
If you require assistance reading this document, please come to the CSI office on your campus.
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