Join The Conversation: Your Complete Guide to CSI’s Annual General Meeting

Hey Condors,

There’s one event that may not be on your radar, but holds significant value for your journey at Conestoga — CSI’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). Our AGM is a yearly event where every member of the organization meets to discuss what happened in the previous operating year, our current financial position, plans for the future, and changes made to our bylaws.

That said, as a member of the organization, YOU are invited to attend CSI’S 2023 AGM to have your voice heard and make an impact on the Conestoga community. This year’s AGM will be hosted on Friday, October 20 from 12 PM — 1 PM at The Venue on Doon campus and livestreamed at Brantford, Guelph, Waterloo, Downtown Kitchener, Reuter, and Cambridge campuses. For those unable to join in person, students can also attend the AGM virtually.

Why Attend CSI’s Annual General Meeting

Transparency & Accountability: The AGM is a chance for CSI stakeholders, including yourself, to hold us accountable for our actions. Attending also allows you to gain insight into how we manage and allocate our resources.

Participation: By attending the AGM, you will have the opportunity to look over and vote to approve or oppose the details from the 2022 CSI AGM, the 2022 financial statement and financial auditor for next year. Participating in this year’s AGM gives you an opportunity to stay up to date with what we are doing, be a part of our work to make the student experience the best that it can be and to make your voice heard through voting.

Empowerment & Advocacy: Attending the AGM makes you an advocate for your education, which demonstrates your unwavering commitment to improving the quality of it. Engaging in the AGM not only allows you to express your concerns regarding educational excellence, but also helps you utilize the resources needed to champion a more enriching academic journey.

Networking Opportunities: The AGM brings together a diverse group of people from the Conestoga College community, including students, the board of directors, employees, and your CSI president. This serves as an excellent opportunity that can help you connect with others who share common interests or concerns.

So, mark your calendar, attend the AGM and do your part in improving the Conestoga community. We’re looking forward to seeing you (in-person or virtually) on October 20th at 12:00 PM! See you there, Condors!

Psst. Don’t forget to bring a device to vote with so you’re able to fully participate in the event. Complimentary food and drinks will also be provided at the event for all attendees while supplies last!