St. Patrick’s Day Safety Tips and Reminders

Hi Condors!

We want you to have a safe, fun and healthy St. Patrick’s Day this year! We know Conestoga students are responsible, but we have a few tips and reminders for staying safe and being a good neighbour when celebrating on March 17:


☘️ If you choose to consume alcohol, know your limit and drink responsibly.

If you choose to drink, it’s important to do so in a safe manner protect yourself from some of the possible consequences that come with consuming alcohol. Here are some tips for harm reduction when drinking:

  • Alternate drinks with water or other alcohol-free beverages to stay hydrated.
  • Try to limit yourself to one drink per hour to give your body time to process the alcohol.
  • Plan your way to and home from the party before your first drink.
  • Avoid mixing alcohol and recreational drugs.
  • Take care of your friends — hold each other accountable and get help if needed.

In case of a serious or possibly life-threatening emergency, call 911 or visit your nearest emergency department.

For more tips for drinking responsibly, visit Drink Smart.

For more information about emergency services near Conestoga College, click here.


☘️ Obtain consent for all sexual or romantic encounters.

What is consent? Consent is the voluntary and explicit agreement to engage in a specific sexual activity or behaviour. It requires that a person can freely choose between two options: yes and no. Both parties can withdraw consent at any time during a sexual encounter.

Consent cannot be given if:

  • They are asleep, unconscious or otherwise unable to communicate.
  • They have been threatened or coerced.
  • They are silent or non-communicative.
  • It’s given on behalf of another person.
  • A person is usually unable to give consent when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

If you are in a situation that makes you feel unsafe, or if you have experienced sexual or gender-based violence, there are supports available to you:

If you are unsafe or need immediate support, contact Campus Security or call 911.


☘️ Avoid unsanctioned events and consuming alcohol in public places.

For your safety, we recommend you avoid attending the large, unsanctioned St. Patrick’s Day gathering that often happens on March 17th. Consuming alcohol in public places, being intoxicated in public and making excessive noise are against the law and can result in fines or detainment by police. Keep your gatherings small and obey local laws and by-laws!


☘️ Let your neighbours know in advance if you are having a party.

We love a good party, but not everyone feels the same way! If you are having a party, let your neighbours know that there may be a little more noise or visitors than usual. Respect their requests if they ask you to turn the volume down. It’s better to have a quiet party than risk damaging your relationship with a neighbour or landlord (or paying a hefty fine)!


☘️ Continue to be aware of COVID-19 and follow public health guidelines.

While most COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted in Ontario and at Conestoga College, getting sick is still a real risk! We encourage students to continue taking measures to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. With warm weather (and exams season!) approaching, nobody wants to get sick! Here are some tips to protect yourself and others from COVID-19 (and other viruses!) while partying:

  • Avoid going to parties, bars or other gatherings if you’re sick.
  • Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.
  • Wash your hands and clean high-touch surfaces often.
  • Avoid drinking from the same cups, cans or bottles as other people.
  • Open windows, hang out outdoors, or wear a mask when possible.


We want all Condors to prioritize the safety and wellbeing of themselves and those around you.


Let’s keep that Condor spirit going and make safe choices this St. Patrick’s Day! ☘️