What to Do During the Holiday Break

Congratulations, Condors! You’ve made it through the Fall 2022 Semester!


We are so proud of everything you were able to accomplish this term! After those final exams and assignments, it’s finally time to relax and enjoy your break. Put those notebooks away, close all those tabs, and decompress! Not sure what to do? CSI has some ideas for you!

Recuperate, Rest, and Recover!  

First things first: take a break! After a stressful exam week, it’s important to prioritize your physical and mental health. Sleep in those extra hours, clean up your space and do your favourite self-care activities!

Nothing feels better than putting the semester behind you and bringing your focus back on the things you enjoy. When you’ve rested up, be sure to check in on your loved ones to make sure they’re doing the same!

Explore a Winter Village/Festival

Have you explored one of the many winter villages in the area? Now’s your chance! We’ve compiled a list of festivals taking place in the local area: light shows, markets, and festive vibes are an easy way to get you into the holiday spirit! Check out these events below:

  1. Cambridge Winterfest https://www.cambridge.ca/en/parks-recreation-culture/winterfest.aspx
  2. Brantford Lights at Glenhyrst https://www.glenhyrst.ca/brantford-lights-2022
  3. The Distillery Winter Village https://www.thedistillerywintervillage.com/
  4. Bingeman’s Gift of Lights https://bingemans.com/gift-of-lights/
  5. Jingle Bell Rock https://bingemans.com/jingle-bell-rock/
Holiday Baking

No matter what holiday you celebrate, it’s the perfect reason to get some baking done! Build a gingerbread house with your friends, bake those ready-to-eat Pillsbury holiday cookies, create holiday-themed chocolate bark, the options are endless! Sidenote: baked goods are an affordable and easy gift for your loved ones.

Check out this list of recipes to get started!

We hope you have a great break, Condors! You deserve it!