Fighting the Winter Blues with CSI

Did you know that the month of December has some of the shortest days of the year? The 2022 Winter Solstice takes place on December 21, and with the shorter and colder days upon us, you might be experiencing the winter blues! If you feel as if your energy has been zapped, you’re moodier than usual, it’s important to recognize that you might need help in alleviating these symptoms.

Here are some things you can do to help fight the winter blues!

Use Dawn Simulators

Waking up in the morning to a dark and gloomy bedroom can make it tough to get your day started. To mimic a natural sunrise, you can grab a Dawn Simulator on Amazon for less than $50! This is an easy alternative to help you get out of bed in the morning, and most simulators double as an alarm clock!

Prioritize Social Activity

The holidays can be a lonely time, especially for students who are studying away from home. The best remedy is to prioritize social activity whenever it’s possible! Plan holiday adventures with your friends, join a club, or attend one of our many CSI Events to get in touch with the student body!

Keep a Journal

Between assignments and studying for exams, make sure you take some time to check in on yourself. Even if it’s for five minutes a day, take a moment to write out your feelings. You’d be surprised at how much better you can feel after emptying your thoughts out on paper (or digitally!).

Talk to a Mental Health Professional: Dialogue App

It’s perfectly normal to seek professional help when it comes to your mental health. Through the Dialogue App, you can book a virtual appointment with a mental health professional. Although the winter blues are common for many, each person experiences this time of year differently! Don’t be afraid to talk to someone, we are here for you!

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