Tips for Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Hey Condors, let’s talk budgets! If you’ve been to any grocery store recently, you may have noticed a spike in some of your favourite foods. While we can’t do much to help with the cost of ramen, we’ve compiled some tips to make your grocery receipts a little easier to look at.


Coupons are your friends

Although it’s easy to ignore the coupons a cashier slips in your bag, it’s time to start utilizing them! Join us at Grocery Store Bingo with extreme couponer Kathleen Cassidy to learn the basics! Kathleen began her couponing journey while in university to help save costs, and she has all the tips and tricks to help you!

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Choose the right grocery store

If you have the option to be picky about your local grocery store, it’s best to know which ones offer the best prices! Grocery stores like No Frills or Food Basics may offer cheaper products as well as competitive prices, versus higher-end stores like Zehrs or Metro. Most grocery stores offer their flyers online, so it’s best to sift through your options before heading out! A few minutes doing research can save you well over a few dollars at the store.

Plan your meals ahead of time

By planning your meals, you can save time and money by knowing exactly what ingredients you need to pick up from the store. It’s best to plan meals you can get multiple uses out of, so be sure to consider this as you look up new recipes. Another important tip: make sure to never grocery shop while hungry! Every aisle you walk down will have something appetizing, which may not be best for your bank.

However, don’t be afraid to grab those cookies if they’re on sale!

Find the student deals

Although it’s great to get groceries every week and spend less on take-out, let’s be honest, sometimes ordering food online is all we can handle! If that’s the case, make sure to take advantage of being a student and get your student deals!

For example, the SPC card can save you money through a variety of retailers, but also, food! If you don’t have one of these yet, you can sign up today!

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