Get to Know Your BOD: Brandi Bilodeau

Hello Condors! My name is Brandi; I’m an Indigenous CSI BOD member. Read the blog below to find out my opinions on some hot-buttoned questions!

  1. What is your goal as a BOD member?
    As a board member, I aim to work as a team to help make important decisions that will better the experiences, services and support CSI offers to current and future students. What I love the most about being a board member is working as a collective with a diverse group of people with their own experiences and ideas and coming together as one for the betterment of the students at Conestoga College.
  2. Which CSI service has been the most helpful for you?
    The CSI service that has been most helpful to me would be the health care benefits.
  3. Where is your favourite place you have ever visited?
    My favourite place I have visited so far is Cancun, Mexico. The weather was perfect, the food was amazing, and everyone was so friendly. I plan to keep travelling and experience as many places as I can.
  4. What is your favourite hobby?
    Aside from travelling, one of my favourite hobbies is going for trail walks near the water. I find it so peaceful and grounding to go down beautiful trails, take in my surroundings and put my feet in the water.
  5. What is your favourite season and why?
    My favourite time of the year to go for walks like this is in the fall when all the leaves are amazing colours of red and orange; the breeze is so refreshing and keeps me cool, which is why fall is my favourite season.
  6. You’re at the movies — are you choosing a sweet or savoury snack?
    I pick savoury and sweet snacks when I go to the movies. I can never decide between the popcorn with extra butter, the candy, chocolate and, of course, the fountain pop.
  7. If your wardrobe could be in only one colour, what colour would it be?
    If my wardrobe could only be in one colour (which it basically already is) would be the colour black. I think black looks bold and sleek. It goes with everything!