Discovering Dialogue Health: Everything you need to know about virtual health care!

Have you heard about Dialogue Health? As members of the CSI Health Plan, you have access to easy, quick, and virtual health care from registered practitioners! If you’ve never used it before, we’re here to give you a breakdown of everything you need to know about accessing virtual health care, as well as the user experience!

Getting Started
Access and download Dialogue Health via web or mobile app.

Although Dialogue Health is available on both platforms, setting up the initial account is significantly easier when done via mobile device! You will be asked to upload photos while setting up your account and utilizing their services, which is an easier task from your mobile device!

Use your school email to set up your account.

Your Conestoga email is essential to unlocking your access to virtual health care. You will have the option to change to your personal email once the account is set up. When verifying your email, check your junk folder. The verification email will most likely end up there!

Once your information is filled out and verified, you will be able to access all the services!

Have your health card ready!

When creating the account and when scheduling an appointment, Dialogue Health will require your health card number. So it’s best to have your card on hand while using their services. International students, use the card provided to you by CIHIP!

My Personal Experience

Booking an appointment with health care professionals can be a frustrating and stressful experience. Depending on your health concern, you may be waiting weeks or months before you’re able to speak with someone! In order to give students the best advice, I booked myself an appointment to gain a better understanding of Dialogue Health.

The most important takeaway: it was a seamless and helpful experience. Let me tell you why!

Dialogue Health can help you with a variety of concerns.

From skin issues, sexual health, heart or lung issues, the list goes on and on. Any physical health concern can be addressed through the app! On top of that, you can easily get an appointment to discuss your mental health, as well as Wellness Resources. They will offer you advice, information, and a care plan depending on how your appointment goes! You can even renew your prescriptions directly through the app.

Get your appointments booked within half an hour!

After requesting a consultation, you can be speaking with a healthcare professional within half an hour! If you’ve experienced the waiting times for in-personal health care services, you’ll know this cuts the time down immensely. This is extremely convenient for students who are running on a tight schedule. If the appointments available don’t work for you, or if you have a class within the next hour, don’t worry! You can book evening appointments too.

Professional, quick, and helpful service from the health care professional.

The virtual appointment can be completed on both your computer or mobile device, and Dialogue takes care of connecting you online. Not only was it quick and easy to speak with a professional, but they are also able to provide you with solid information right then and there. Depending on the reason for your appointment, they can provide you with the proper steps to proceed after your consultation.

And that’s it! Dialogue Health is a fantastic resource to utilize for all things health-related. If you’ve been hoping to see a health practitioner to address a concern about your physical or mental health, Dialogue Health is the way to go!

Dialogue Health