Get to Know Your BOD: Kartik Pahwa

Hello Condors! My name is Kartik.

I’m one of your CSI BOD members, and I’m here today to share my vision of what BOD can do for you to improve your college experience.

  1. What inspired you to run for the BOD?
    I first learned about the outstanding work done by Conestoga students Inc. when I enrolled in the college. So I also wanted to dedicate my skills and knowledge to improving students’ life on campus.
  2. What is your goal as a BOD member?
    My goal as a BOD member is to spread as much awareness as I can about the support provided to students by the CSI’s initiatives so that every student’s path becomes easier while they are a student.
  3. What do you love the most about being a BOD member?
    BOD provides a platform where the members can have their vision implemented in the real world after being refined by the suggestions of other board members and the ops team to see if it is feasible to be implemented and is required by students at that time.
  4. What skill do you want to master?
    I want to learn how to build networks/relations and maintain them.
  5. What is one moment you’ll always remember from Conestoga College?
    I will never forget the day I was selected as a board member. It was like a dream come true for me.
  6. Tell us about an idea you would like to implement or already implemented as a BOD.
    I would like to get an auditorium built on the college premises, which could accommodate a larger number of students, where bigger fests can be organized, including events for spreading knowledge about mental health, CSI services and other essential issues.
  7. You’re at the movies — are you choosing a sweet or savoury snack?
    I would choose a sweet snack.
  8. Any advice for aspiring BOD members?
    Make the best decision for the student members based on your knowledge and the information provided.