Get to Know Your BOD: Fatir Shaaf Saquib Raza

Hello Condors! My name is Fatir, and I’m your CSI BOD member.

I’m here to answer some important questions and share my goal as a BOD.

  1. What inspired you to run for the BOD?
    The ability to change and rebuild the system to improve the post-secondary education experience for students.
  2. What is your goal as a BOD member?
    My goal as a BOD is to speak unanimously for each student, not just be the voice myself but also give voices to the communities in our college.
  3. What do you love the most about being a BOD member?
    I meet many amazing student leaders like myself and collaboratively work to improve post-secondary education from coast to coast.
  4. What is one moment you’ll always remember from Conestoga College?
    The moment I got the chance to sit in the office as a BOD officially.
  5. You’re at the movies – are you choosing a sweet or savoury snack?
    I am in the movie mostly for popcorn, and I love an assortment of various flavours!
  6. What is your favourite hobby?
    My favourite hobby is swimming. I also am a national-level swimmer and had a chance to represent my country at the school level.
  7. What is the main reason BOD is so important to you?
    BOD is important to me because it’s my chosen family, where everyone is inclusive, accommodating and accepting of one another.
  8. If your wardrobe could be in only one colour, what colour would it be?
    If my wardrobe could be in only one colour, I would prefer it to be white.
  9. What is your favourite season and why?
    I love winters; I come from a hot tropical country. One of the reasons I chose to be in Canada was to enjoy the cold.
  10. What tv show are you currently obsessed with?
    I am obsessed with watching the Spanish show ELITE.
  11. Any advice for aspiring BOD members?
    If you want to be BOD just for the perks and monetary help, this might not be the best place. But if you’re passionate about being selfless and making a difference in the best way possible for others, trust me, this is the spot you don’t want to miss out.