CSI’s Top 4 Networking Tips!

This Career Readiness Week we are excited to help you map your career journey!

A major part of this journey is networking! Connecting with people and fostering relationships, whether it be through a club you joined on campus or an event you attended is important when creating your network. As you build your career, networking will play a significant role in how you find new jobs and opportunities. The people you network with can help advance your career, provide insight into a new industry, or introduce you to a contact at a company you’d like to work for!


To get you started, here are CSI’s top 4 networking tips:  


Tip #1: Use Your Current Network

By the time you graduate, you have built a network, of professors, employers, roommates, friends, club members etc. Using your current network, find out whether someone you know works for an employer you’d want to learn more about or is in a job field that interests you by asking those around you.







Tip #2: Attend Networking Events

Eventbrite hosts a variety of networking events both virtually and in person. These types of events are designed to help you connect with industry professionals in fields relative to the program you recently graduated from, or ones that you may be interested in. Networking events can include webinars, career fairs, workshops, discussions and more.



Tip #3: Create a LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn is a platform that can be used to network in your field and maintain contact with both former and current coworkers. It’s a great tool for job searches and recruitment and can be used to remain up to date on industry news, build your professional reputation, and make your personal brand more visible.






Tip #4: Utilize myCareer Services

As a student at Conestoga, you have access to myCareer services where you can meet with our advisors to help build a foundation for a successful career after graduation. One of the many services they offer includes networking techniques! To learn more, click the button below.

myCareer Services