Ace Your Exams with CSI’s Study Hacks!

We all know how stressful exam season can be, but studying doesn’t have to be! We’ve curated four study hacks that will help you increase your productivity levels, boost your focus and concentration, and most importantly limit your distractions so that you can ace your exams!

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Let’s start studying! 


Speak Out Loud 

Studies show that you’re more likely to retain information if you speak it out loud instead of just reading it. A great way of studying out loud is to teach what you have learned. Either teach the concept you are studying to a friend, or family member or even out loud to yourself to help you retain the information!


Create Flashcards 

An easy way to quickly test your knowledge is to create flashcards. These work great for definitions, formulas, or lists. Flashcards make information easy to retain because it allows learners to look at one side and recall the information on the other. The constant repetition will help to create permanent memories! 


Stay Focused 

Here are a few ways to stay focused:

  • Get organized with a to-do list
  • Have a clean study space
  • Silence alerts on your cellphone and laptop
  • Find a quiet environment to study in


Take Breaks 

Set a timer for 25 minutes and allocate that time to study and once the timer goes off take a 5-minute break. During this time, you can grab a coffee, or a snack, or even start a load of laundry! Taking a short break in between studying will allow you to engage your mind in another task and then refocus on studying. Studying in intervals helps you reboot and stay motivated!