Get the Job with CSI’s Interview Tips!

We all know that securing an interview can be as exciting as it is intimidating. Therefore, we want to help you prepare for a successful interview so that you can get the job!

Here are CSI’s Top Interview Tips: 


Be Punctual

Arrive at the building for your interview 10 to 15 minutes prior. Having extra time allows you to take a few minutes to fine-tune the image you want to present whether that’s fixing your tie or combing your hair. It will also show your potential future boss how timely you are!




Be Prepared

Dress professionally! Looking presentable allows the interviewer to pay attention to the conversation and not to what you’re wearing. Additionally, bring copies of your resume, references, and portfolio that display physical examples of your work and keep them in a folder ready in case there are multiple interviewers.


Do Your Research on the Company

Learning as much as you can about the company’s services, products, customers, and competitors can give you an advantage in understanding and fulfilling the employer’s needs. Go beyond what’s on the company’s website, for example, reading about the company in the news, looking at their social media, and familiarizing yourself with key players in their industry.


Give Specific Examples

The purpose of an interview is for the interview to assess tour skills therefore it is important to provide specific examples that provide proof that back up the skills you say that you have. For example, select examples that highlight quantifiable achievements. Additionally, prepare answers for common interview questions that hiring managers typically ask, such as:

                                      • Tell me about yourself.
                                      • What is your greatest strength?
                                      • What is your greatest weakness?
                                      • Tell me about a challenge you had to overcome at your last job.


Ask Questions!

While it may seem easier to skip this part and head for the exit, take advantage of the time an interviewer gives you to ask questions. We recommend asking questions like:

  • Is there opportunities for additional training and education?
  • If I were to be hired into this role, what would a typical day look like?
  • How is performance measured in this role?


Explore Additional Resources

Check out CSI’s Instagram page @cstudentsinc on Wednesday, May 25th at 9 am as we will be sharing professional outfit ideas for job interviews as inspiration for students! Also, for additional job search support, click the ‘MyCareer Services’ button below!

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