OWN Your Student Experience!

CSI is in the business of your student experience, which means we provide a wide variety of programming to meet your needs. As a result, we offer some fantastic opportunities for you to upgrade your student experience and get involved with your personal development!


Join a CSI Club!

Start meeting like-minded students outside of your classes by joining a CSI club! We have a wide variety of clubs for students to join. If you don’t see a club that you are interested in, but you still want to connect with students, you can start your own club! 

This is a great way to get leadership opportunities for your resume and get involved with different kinds of students. To learn more about CSI clubs, click the ‘Learn More’ button below!

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Get Connected with CSI on Social 

We want to challenge you to own your student experience and that starts with keeping up to date with all things CSI! We have a variety of social channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, a full website with all our services, and a mobile app. Feel free to download, bookmark or follow us where you see fit so you can be the first to know about our services.

A new platform we have at CSI is our TikTok account and it is a match like no other! You can follow us on TikTok for a new point of view on our services, events, and advocacy efforts. If you’re looking to interact with a very fun platform with cool content be sure to follow us at @cstudentsinc!






Participate in CSI Events!

If you’re looking to upgrade your student experience, you can pay the CSI Events Fee through the CSI store to participate in events! CSI hosts events and activities throughout the year designed for the diverse student population so students can make memories with other Condors. With concerts, trivia, and other pop culture events, there is no shortage of activities. Be sure to head to our Events Calendar on our website!

In addition, Cooking with CSI is a great way to enjoy your favourites from The Venue from the comfort of your own home! Cooking with CSI is powered by The Venue which is the place to be on campus! Due to The Venue being in the process of reopening, Cooking with CSI brings you the recipes to make for yourself! To check out our recipes, click the ‘Learn More’ button below.

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Get Involved with CSI’s Advocacy Efforts

From student housing to transportation, truth & reconciliation to academic fairness, CSI’s advocacy department is always working for you on issues that you’ve told us are crucial to your student experience. To learn more about CSI’s Advocacy department, including our current and past advocacy efforts, click the “Learn More’ button below!

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Interested in staying informed? Tune into CSI’s Board of Directors’ monthly meetings to discuss strategic direction and business of the day! For more information regarding upcoming meetings, or the published minutes from previous meetings, click the ‘Learn More’ button below!

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