Here’s how to Prepare for the Spring Semester!

Happy Spring, Condors! With a new season, comes a new semester to prepare for. We’re all still getting used to returning to in-person classes and getting back into the swing of things this semester may take some time. Preparing early will help you avoid that last-minute panic of “wait, I’m not ready yet!” when classes start!


Clean your desktop! 

Let’s begin with the basics, shall we? I’m sure you’ve collected plenty of assignments, exam study notes, and downloads on your laptop throughout the previous semester.

Start with cleaning your computer desktop and downloads folder by deleting what is no longer of use to you and organizing your documents into folders. You’ll be ready to start the new semester with everything in order! Also, consider replacing your desktop screen image with something calm, maybe an image of spring flowers or nature!




Create a better sleep routine

It’s easy to binge-watch Netflix or play “just one more” video game during the break but remember that majority of your classes will be held during the morning or afternoon! Sleeping through these classes is a recipe for disaster.

To create a better sleep routine for the upcoming semester begin practicing going to sleep earlier to wake up earlier. Gradually get used to this routine by going to bed a bit earlier each night until you can wake up in time for morning classes!




Put together a playlist!

If you commute to school, having a good playlist or listening to an intriguing podcast might make commuting that much better. If you have the free time right now, spend it making a playlist with summer songs or old favourites to get pumped up for class!

Or if you prefer to listen to podcasts, put together a list of your favourites or some you’d like to listen to on your way to school!








Update your planner 

Add events to your planner that you need to prepare for, such as Orientation Week, or picking up your Frosh Kit! Include whatever you’re doing this summer, whether it’s working or hanging out with friends. Look at your upcoming course schedule, and colour code your class times and assignment due dates.

We all know how great it feels to be on top of things and check off your to-do list!





Treat yourself!

Take some time for yourself before the start of the semester. It can be difficult to find time to relax once assignments and projects begin to pile up. So, before things get stressful, make it a point to schedule some “me time.”

Before it’s time to return to campus, go shopping, pamper yourself, spend time with your family or friends or try something new!