CSI’s Year-End Survey Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in CSI’s Year-End Survey. We appreciate all of our participants’ feedback regarding our services, engagement opportunities, and overall efforts in supporting and improving your student experience. We are so excited to continue to advocate for your student experience and utilize your input to assess how we are doing, where we can improve, and what changes we can implement in the future! How awesome does that sound?

We will have plenty of prizing opportunities in Winter 2022, so be sure to keep an eye on CSI’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, app or website for more information on how you can get involved and have the chance to win some great prizes this semester!

Without further ado, we would like to give a special shoutout to our participation winners!

Our Large Prize Winners:

Free Tuition ($5,000) Winner: Namratha Jose

“This money will go towards paying my first-semester tuition fee”. 

$1,000 Air Canada Gift Card Winner: Sajaad Khan

“I will use this gift card towards a flight ticket to see my family in India. I have been waiting a long time to see them, so this means a lot to me”. 

$1,000 Air Canada Gift Card Winner: Lucciana Mazzillo Cuestas

“I will use this gift card to visit my family in the future when travelling is safe”.

$1,000 Air Canada Gift Card Winner: Amanda Butler

“After a very stressful year, I will use this gift card to go on vacation with my family”.

$1,000 Air Canada Gift Card Winner: Yifen Lin


$1,000 Air Canada Gift Card Winner: Naveena Raju


Our $100 Gift Card Winners:


Alyson Ramer, Deepkumar Patel, Sneha Jose, Krishna Tiwari, Namrata Chutani, Wade Filiatrault, Yipei Kuo, Stephanie Furlong, Nanma Unni, Hunter McRae, Julio Torres Torija Picos, Mansi Rudani, Qaseem Adeboye, Skilar Correia, Shriaj Patel, Darshi Seepak Dave, Vishv Mevada, Isabella Soler, Andrei Dicu, Shilomith Jadhav, Jennifer Robb, Neel Bhavsar, Seyda Yildiz, Abimifoluwa Samuel, Ella Strathdee, Jessica Bond, Karminder Singh, Lidia Mana Tesfazghi, Ketankumar Bodary, Lacey Nichole Lowery, Sumeyre Sentepe, Fatir Shaaf Saquib Raza, Reema Sharma, Gavin Masterton, Natalie Minov, Eric Marsetti, Maria Bianca Joy Hernandez, Sayumi, Shubham Anilkumar Shah, Sarah Williams, Kyrylo, Mayank Ahuja, Navjot Kaur, Cohen Dilda, Autumn Whiteway, Ricki Lagassie, Nikita Litvinov, Vikrant Sharma, Mary Skalkos, and Michelle Britton.