Meet your November Student of the Month!

CSI’s Student of the Month Award was created to recognize and celebrate outstanding Conestoga students who demonstrate unique achievement in academics, leadership, community involvement and service to others.

This award has been established to acknowledge students who inspire to create dialogue and foster a strong sense of community at Conestoga College and beyond, through participation in events, lectures, or other forms of community engagement.

CSI’s November Student of The Month is: 

Bhuminkumar Sangani!



Congratulations to Bhuminkumar for winning this month’s student of the month award! We had a conversation with Bhuminkumar about all things Student of the Month, Conestoga College, and achievements he’s most proud of. Here’s what he had to say:

  1. What made you apply for Student of the Month?
    I have been following CSI website for updates and information and every month reading about success stories from Condors really inspired me to apply for this prestigious award and to share my views and tales.
  2. Why did you choose Conestoga College for your studies?
    After completing Doctor of Pharmacy [PharmD] degree and gaining in-patient experience at various multispecialty hospitals, I decided to take a step ahead and opt for leadership aspects in the healthcare sector and so, choosing Conestoga was the best decision. Workforce development, as well as health and life sciences at Conestoga college, provides the best learning experience!
  3. How does leadership and community involvement factor into your day-to-day?
    Being from a healthcare background I am always obliged to serve the community when and where required and I believe just taking a leading initiative as an individual can bring ample changes to society.
  4. Are there any specific achievements you’d like to acknowledge?
    To list out few achievements, it would be;

    1. Winning a gold prize in academics at department level of the university
    2. Achieving stethoscope and Oxford emergency handbook as a token of appreciation from Neurosurgeon at ICU department for life saving intervention of patient with risk of cardiac arrest
    3. Successful completion of clinical trials at dermatology department with new autologous serum therapy and getting it published in Indian journal of dermatology as well as
    4. Getting an opportunity to volunteer at Canadian red cross society and Grand River Hospital, Kitchener, Ontario
  5. What is a goal you have once you are graduated?
    Graduating with the current postgraduate program from Conestoga in addition to my previous degree will open wide doors in the healthcare sector around the globe and practicing as a clinical pharmacist will remain my top aim.

Do you want to be CSI’s next Student of The Month? Keep an eye on the Student of the Month page to see when our Winter 2022 submissions will start!

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