Meet your June Student of the Month!

CSI’s Student of the Month Award was created to recognize and celebrate outstanding Conestoga students who demonstrate unique achievement in academics, leadership, community involvement and service to others.

This award has been established to acknowledge students who inspire to create dialogue and foster a strong sense of community at Conestoga College and beyond, through participation in events, lectures, or other forms of community engagement.

CSI’s June Student of The Month is: 

Ilektra Sota!


The Law of attraction is powerful. Wake up every morning with a positive thought and manifest that all your dreams will come true. Be present, aim high, believe in yourself, and quietly expect great things to happen.”

Congratulations to Ilektra for winning this month’s student of the month award! We had a conversation with Ilektra about all things Student of the Month, Conestoga College, and achievements she’s most proud of. Here’s what she had to say:

  1. What made you apply for Student of the Month?

Student of the month is an excellent acknowledgment of all the hard work a student can put into. All the late and long hours studying and doing projects for sure are paying off. Moreover, networking is also essential as you showcase your abilities and successes that can open the door to more opportunities. Finally, the award is a great help regarding the financial aspect, especially during these uncertain moments we all experience.

  1. Why did you choose Conestoga College for your studies?

I chose Conestoga for various reasons. To start with, Conestoga was from the first moment ones of the top colleges I was aiming for when I decided to study in Canada, but after a short research back in 2019, this college stood out. The visits to the campus, the building with the renovated gym, and the small classes drew my attention.  Conestoga classes do not give you the feeling of chaotic large university auditoriums. Hopefully, we will be back on campus soon to enjoy everything that the college has to offer! Moreover, the high percentage of graduates who enter the labour force yearly and find employment within a short period of time reassured me that my employment goals will be achieved. Finally, two of my very good friends and my sister are Conestoga College alumni, and their college life and experience definitely influenced me.

  1. Are there any specific achievements you’d like to acknowledge?

I have conquered a few milestones throughout my lifetime and made significant achievements on personal, professional, and academic levels. First and foremost, coming to Canada as a student was a big success, and it was the start of a fantastic journey. During my three semesters so far at Conestoga, I have had the chance to work along with creative and passionate professors and create great marketing and advertising projects with hard-working students. Finally, all my hard work, persistence, and strong GPA have been acknowledged and rewarded with this “Student of the month” award and an International – Regional scholarship.

  1. What is a goal you have once you are graduated?

After graduating, I will seek employment in an exciting business setting to gain experience, work with clients in the marketing and advertising field, grow my selling skills, and prepare for my ultimate goal. In the future, I aim to create an innovative skin product that will change people’s lives. Conestoga has an excellent Entrepreneurship program that I will also take advantage of.

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