Preparing for a New Semester


Happy New Year, Condors! With a new year, comes a new semester to prepare for. We’re all still getting used to online learning through trial, error and a little bit of luck. Events are online, we’ve met all of our classmates’ and instructor’s pets through Zoom classes and faced the struggle that is online group work. As usual, it will take time to get into the groove of things for the new semester. Preparing early will help you avoid that last-minute panic of “wait, what books do I need?” when classes start!

Refresh your school supplies

By now, you may be running out of pages in your notebook or storage on your laptop. Take inventory of the supplies that you need to be successful this semester and purchase anything that you don’t have. Clean up and organize the files on your computer to make room for new ones and keep yourself organized. Folders are your friend! If you were missing any supplies last semester, now’s the time to get them.

Start filling your planner

Even if you don’t have your course instructional plans, start filling your planner with the dates and times of your classes, and any important dates at Conestoga. Make note of days where you may be absent from class so you can let your instructors know well in advance. Get extra prepared by scheduling yourself dedicated time for classwork or studying!

Important Dates at Conestoga

Set yourself goals for the semester

Did you forget to do your readings last semester? Were your grades not up to your standards? Set yourself realistic goals for what you want to achieve this semester. They can be as simple as “attend at least 90% of my morning classes instead of sleeping through them” or “hand in all of my assignments on time,” whatever you need to be successful this semester! Write down your goals somewhere that you will see them often, like your planner or as a note on your computer’s desktop.

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Get your booklist

Did you know that you have access to a personalized booklist each semester? The Conestoga Bookstore makes it easy to find out which books you need for your classes and how to order them. This list also includes any necessary supplies for your classes! Try to have all of your books and supplies ordered before the first day of classes. If you’re having trouble finding a book you need, ask your instructor for help!

Get Your Booklist!


Start adjusting your schedule

Have you become nocturnal over winter break? There’s no shame in that! It’s easy to keep hitting “next episode” or telling yourself “one more game” until you realize that it’s 4 AM. Remember that most of your classes will be happening in the morning and afternoon and that sleeping through them will do you no good! Start practicing going to sleep and waking up earlier to adjust your schedule for the new semester. Ease yourself into it by going to sleep just a little earlier each night until you’re able to wake up in time for morning classes.