Making New Year’s Resolutions That You’ll Actually Keep


New Year’s resolutions that only stick for two weeks- We’ve all been there! Sometimes we set resolutions that are too ambitious, sometimes our resolutions are too small, and sometimes they’re straight-up impossible (Hello: trying to get abs in two weeks). Leave your past resolution frustrations in 2020 and focus on the new year ahead! Move into 2021 with positive intentions and a fresh attitude!

Be Specific

If your New Year’s resolution is to simply save money, it will be easy to forget and lose track of. Be specific with your goals and outline what exactly you want to do, how you will do it, and have a timeframe in mind. For example, save $100 a month by not ordering takeout for a total savings of $1200 for the year. This applies to all goals and resolutions and will help you to be successful!

Have someone to hold you accountable

It’s harder to give up on a goal when you’ve told someone else about it. Tell somebody about your goal and how you plan to achieve it. Check in with them regularly to update them on your progress or any setbacks. Even better, try to find someone with the same goal as you so you can work together and hold each other accountable!

Celebrate your progress

Use small successes as an excuse to celebrate yourself. It’s easy to get discouraged if progress isn’t happening as quickly as you would like it to but remember that every small success brings you one step closer to achieving your goals. If your goal is to get healthier, celebrate each milestone or successful week with something fun like a movie night or a spa day. Having small celebrations can help keep you motivated and on the right track.

Remember that it’s okay to make mistakes!

Slip-ups are natural, especially if you’re getting into a new habit that you’re not used to. Don’t punish yourself or give up if you make a mistake. Sometimes you’re going to eat that whole pizza, and that’s okay! Recognize and acknowledge your misstep, learn how to prevent it, and then get back on track! Don’t let that one impulse purchase turn into a week of online shopping!

Break big goals into smaller steps

If you’ve committed yourself to achieve something big, it can feel like there’s suddenly a whole mountain for you to climb. Don’t let a daunting task scare you or discourage you. Instead, break it into smaller, more manageable steps that you can work through on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. For example, if you’re planning on saving $5000 by the end of the year, break it down into $13.70 of savings a day. Creating a list of small goals that build-up to one large goal can make it seem easier. Plus- every little achievement will feel like something to celebrate!