Help support students

Get involved and advocate for better supports for students with us!

Apply to be part of CSI’s Winter Events!

We are looking for Conestoga Students to be featured in our events and get paid!

Late @ 8

Can you teach a crafty tutorial? Are you a dance instructor or music teacher? Do you host your own workshops or classes? Maybe YOU can teach all Condors something new!

CSI Live

Are you musically talented? You play the piano or an oboe? Are you a comedian or magician? Do you host your own podcast or stream? We want to book YOU for CSI Live!

Student Showcase

Have a special talent or skill you want to showcase? Sign up to be a part of the Student Showcases!

Apply now to be featured in one of these future events!

  • Examples: A 30-minute musical performance, a 1-hour dance lesson, show off your juggling skills for 5 minutes.